Astrology Readings

32339105planetaryAstrology readings could be viewed as opening “Pandora’s Box” because once our chart is laid before us we can no longer hide from ourselves and our faults. We might pretend everyone else is wrong, including our parents or the rock band living next door but if we have the courage to look into our stars we could find there is something within us that “chooses” our destiny. Astrology readings, will define that “something” and help us understand that the more we get to know ourselves the more we can transform a challenging planetary alignment into something a wee bit more positive.

The Sun Sign

Those more than vaguely familiar with astrology readings will know our sun sign is the “archetypal team player” in our astro chart. Mr Sun sort of keeps the match on the road, pulls together all those other planets and guides them to the goal post. Being the driving force behind all astrology readings, it castes light on virtually everything! For example, Leos, in the main, are generous, kind hearted with great leadership skills, but when Mr Sun positions itself again Ms Moody Moon, our Lion could do a great imitation of Genghis Khan and get all his take aways from Harrods! A Cancer can be so darned loving as they offer you breakfast down Starbucks! But when Sunday’s child, so “full of grace” suddenly morphs into a Saturn return, a moody, sour faced crab will be screeching “there is too much caf, in my latte” and you will be forgiven for wondering where that sweet Cancerian confidante disappeared to over night

But the main purpose of our Sun Sign is to guide us to pulling off our “higher purpose”, which most astrology readings point out, could mean utilizing our more inspirational characteristics. If we allow ourselves to be affected by, for example, a daft moon in Aquarius inclined to make us as “nutty as a fruitcake”, life will be one long, batty walk uphill. What our Sun Sign likes to remind us of is the truth, so it will assure you that, “yes mate, you do have an eccentric moon in Aquarius, but life is so much more fun for the nut cases amongst us!” Get the picture?

Astrology readings are profound, challenging and yes inspirational. Great astrologers like Russell Grant will go deep, but at the same sustain a happy, upbeat approach when they tell you the worst! You will not be offended therefore, when it is pointed out that you are a passionate, sensual Scorpio with potential lovers banging on your door at all hours, but waiting by the river just to watch your enemy’s corpse pass by might not make you the Ms Domestic most guys want to come home to!

The force of our sun sign is the greatest gift the heavens can convey upon us. Oh yes, we can have a mean old “ascendant”, a terribly placed Jupiter, a scrambled hotchpotch of “houses”, but if we can hang on to the positive traits of our sun sign, somehow, somewhere we could pull it off and all the astrology readings we have so happily partaken of, will have done their best to point that out.