Aquarius Horoscope For Today

1755756waterfallNow what on earth could your Aquarius horoscope for today be?

Seek and thou shalt find! In newspapers and magazines all over the world, there is always a special little line on the Aquarius horoscope for today, as well as all other major sun signs.

As you “water bearing folk” check out that Aquarius horoscope for today, you will realize that it is usually different from everybody else’s. Your Aquarius horoscope for today will probably refer to some mission you are on to change humanity’s concepts. The horoscope might refer to a phone call from a “red hot mama” or a “quantum scientist”. You phone will be ringing more friends than lovers most days, since everyone is your mate, from the traffic warden to the seedy blokes down the local. You always manage to get folks going on some new enterprise or scheme. It is chat, chat and chat again, because contrary to what most people think you are not a water sign, you are very much air, so mental problems to resolve are right down your street with interesting conversations thrown in of course.

So what IS your Aquarius horoscope for today?

Probably that you are about to meet a man about a job, concerning those “Save the Ladybirds from Extinction” or “Transporting Clogs to Iran” projects. As long as you stay in the “ideas” zone you are fine, just let the others do the sorting, organizing and preparation, they are better at it.

You will probably read your horoscope at the hairdressers as you like to change your look, not just your projects. Your hair has been short, long, permed, straightened, red, blonde, black, streaked and you even had your purple fringe and shaved head “phase” much to your mum’s consternation. You dress to the minute, any latest craze is just right. Weird leather pants in deep puce, medieval style shoes and unusual head gear is just up your street! And boring people will not be on your list of things to do. You need bikers, conspiracy theorists, plus psychics, astrologers, plumbers and rocket scientists amongst your friends to sound off on.

Your planet Uranus is of “surprises”, so your Aquarius horoscope for today will probably spring a “Be prepared to meet a tall dark stranger at the drop of a hat!” phrase on you like a clap of thunder. Well, that is just up your street, falling in love is such a fun thing to do, and no matter the hurts or rejections you have experienced in the past you are ready to love again in your loveable, detached, “don’t cramp my style” “long distance” way. It is hard to communicate with mere mortals on this planet anyway; they just do not get your drift most days. They cannot even understand your penchant for weird machinery such as the “Please Don’t Smoke Ashtray”, the “Incy Wincy Spider Liberator” and the “Gravity Powered Shoe Air Conditioner” not to mention all those new fangled cheese cutters, fruit grinders, electric saws and hair scissors. You are in on all the “latest gadgets” and if your girl or boyfriend understands that simple fact, they will be your eternal love. Yet the grim reality is you are still trying to find a soul mate that is into both Garth Brooks, the great country singer and that exquisite, heavy metal rock band entitled “Mayhem!”

You are a fan of Einstein, as you will probably have the same hair do, and make the same wisecracks such as “Many of the things you can count, don’t count. Many of the things you can’t count, really count” You feel just as misunderstood as he did in his early years, but deep down you know you are a genius.

Who else would go for chamomile tea and Fijian “grog” with the same gusto? Who else would create such original machines, conversations, group love-ins and snorkelling excursions for their friends? So next time you check into your Aquarius Horoscope for today, don’t expect an ordinary flavour to it, expect a miracle!