Animal Psychics

long haired chihuahua adultAnimal psychics know deep in their hearts that the natural world is far more than instinctive; it can also be profoundly spiritual. For example, take the depths of a pet’s love for its owner, which can be deeply moving.

Real Events

Often dogs have fought alongside soldiers, and as a result there are some touching stories that even hark back to the American Civil War.

Sallie a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was given to Lt William Terry when she was but a puppy and was raised amongst army men. She would follow the soldiers into battle and during the Battle of Gettysburg with awesome courage she found her way to the front line where she guarded the dead and wounded.

Animal psychics know that animals grieve loss with great depth too. One of the most famous stories of an animal’s devotion to its owner is that of John Gray and his dog Bobby. When John died of tuberculosis, Bobby spent the next 14 years sleeping on his grave. Another extraordinary, and yet recorded event, is that of the four magpies who hopped about as they inspected the dead body of their companion and then flew off to gather a single blade of grass in each of their beaks, which they lay near the corpse of the hapless bird. They then proceeded to guard over it. Elephants are known to use rituals when one of their herd dies. Elephant families stand by the corpse for days, caressing it with their trunks and even watching over the bones.

Animal Psychic Connections

Animal psychics often find it easier to connect to four legged creatures than they do people, maybe because the heart chakras of some animals are so well developed, even though they hunt and kill to survive in the wild. A dog or cat possesses great sensitivity and a capacity to feel love for their owners. They can even “feel” or pick up dangerous events before they happen! It is said that in Japan, a very seismic part of the world, folks keep goldfish because they behave erratically prior to an earthquake. And have you noticed how your cat puts on weight before a long cold winter? Or how moles dig burrows deeper before the snows come? In the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, birds and animals beat a hasty retreat to the hills and elephants carrying tourists virtually stampeded to higher ground. Somehow they “sensed” what was coming.

Therefore animal psychics would tell you that people aren’t the only ones who suffer loss, grief and powerful sentiments! In fact, it is probable that our own animal instinct leaves us with a lot to be grateful for, especially when it comes to surviving difficult circumstances, due to our innate capacity to plan ahead.

In the psychic world, empaths communicate to Spirit through imagery, this method could also apply to animals, so if an owner sends her pet a “thought symbol” such as a walk, or a plate of a favourite tit bit, she will find her pet wagging its tail, or leaping on to her lap for cuddles.

Animal Signs

Even though they cannot speak, animals communicate through body language, yet the sensitivity of animal psychics allows them not only to know when an animal is glum, but to read their thoughts. They will intuit the cat swings its tail furiously not only because it is in a bad mood, but because it has not caught enough mice recently! Or that a dog places its head between its paws, and gazes up at the sky, not only because it is depressed but because it suffers lack of attention.

We should never underestimate the power of the natural world and perhaps if we respect it and the nature of the animals that share it with us, we would live more peaceful and harmonious lives.