Are Psychic Readers Real?

19306444askingOkay folks, the fundamental question we know you have asked, or are about to is – “Are Psychics Real?” Nobody could blame you for enquiring, especially after a reader said you were going to meet your soul mate and not only did they never show up, you met an infinite series of Mr. Wrong-type-frogmen instead!

Are Psychics Real?

Are psychics real? Is a question to ask, especially after your friend Nelly bought a pack of tarot cards and started charging for her readings after two weeks!? “Are psychics real” you might ask yet again, after an online medium said you, your mate Syd and his sister Charlene were all reincarnations of Cleopatra! So how many Cleopatra’s are there then?

Seriously, let us set the record straight here, you are quite justified in asking “Are Psychics Real” considering the many members of society claiming to be genuine clairvoyants, yet clearly unable to tell the wood from “the metaphysical trees!” So, in answer to the question “Are Psychics Real”, we can only lay a few base line facts before you.

Base Facts

1. A genuine psychic does not only possess esoteric and metaphysical leanings. She or he will always have a deep connection to Spirit and will have followed a sometimes gruelling path of initiation and self awareness in order to help others on their path.

2. Since there is no regulatory professional protocol regarding psychics most bona fide companies rigidly test their online physics before presenting them to the general public. Normally those who do not fit the high level criteria or show consistent bad service are “given their cards”, excuse the pun!

3. Clairvoyance is one of the few professions where consistent bad service means zilch success. You will probably hear about a good psychic and their capacity to practice professionally will be proven by their many satisfied clients

4. A psychic will never threaten, bully, cajole or make you feel bad about yourself and you would need to report her to the authorities, or the company she works for if she does.

5. A good psychic will tell you the truth as she sees it and even if the news is not that good, i.e. “will he call?” she will risk your wrath and tell you if he is a closet bluebeard, or rollicking Romeo!

Essentially, when you ask that question “Are Psychics Real?” you are enquiring as to whether another human being can really read your thoughts, sense the issues plaguing emotional life and see into your future. That old saying “it takes two to tango!” comes to mind here, as the relationship with your psychic is like any other, it requires trust and faith to be successful. Remember, you will confide in your psychic, tell her your deepest fears, your longings and preoccupations, so when there is a positive vibration between you it creates an energetic link to the absolute when the magic happens between a psychic and their client, the messages coming through will be genuine, forthright and sometimes life changing!

You will also be wondering if that question “are psychics real?'” relates to predicted time lines – well probably to a certain extent? You see, the fact is a genuine psychic is given visions and a sense of what is going on through her soul mission, hyper sensitive feelings and “something indefinable” like angelic intervention. She knows that timelines can move forwards and backwards due to your own free will and she will tell you so. But be sure a good psychic will paint a picture of your future accurately, even if that future takes time to manifest. So if the soul mate does not arrive on the predicted dot, be sure they will if your trusted psychic saw them in your future.

That question “Are Psychics Real?” becomes irrelevant if the client take a positive stance. Like all relationships, a reading is to do with communication, so if you clam up and still expect the psychic to pick up your deepest truths, it is unlikely you will get the reading you desire.

Quantum Theory

The innovative science of quantum mechanics states that reality is what we perceive it to be, therefore if you have faith in metaphysical powers, the question “Are Psychics Real?” would probably not have crossed your mind. You will already have accepted there is a mysterious reality, call it “All that Is” “Zero Point” “Mystical Energy”, the “Wyrd” “God and the Goddess”, that holds our magical universe together. For example, if you were to analyze the chair you are sitting on, you would be aware that it started off as a thought form and then its material creation morphed into trillions of whirling atoms, invisible to both the naked eye and the microscope. So, believe it or not you are sitting on pure light! Once you peel away the mask of materiality, there is what quantum scientists describe as the “Unified Field” underlying every living thing. That field has proved to be an indefinable creative energy throbbing through objects, living things, every particle of life itself! Certainly the mystery of the Universe is a wondrous thing to behold! So the question “Are Psychics Real?” could be answered “alla Quantum Theory!” – Psychics are as real as you believe them to be! What you believe tends to manifest! Perhaps, in the final analysis faith is the only thing that really matters!