Psychic Readings


When we think of psychic attack, we imagine someone “witch-like” standing over a cauldron whispering evil spells, but usually psychic attack is far more prosaic. It is energized negative thought form aimed at another with utter unpleasantness. An empath who does psychic readings will tell us if someone is projecting nastiness on to us it is detrimental to their own health, luck, sanity and well being and not a sensible move to take, as liable to backfire .

Those who take part in psychic readings regularly clean out their energy fields with prayer and healing. It is necessary as they come into contact with diverse energies everyday and need to learn to have strong auric fields to protect them from the odd “oogly googly” passing through! They also tell us that thinking even “vaguely” negative will sabotage most things in our lives. That is why the fundamental premise to all metaphysical matters is the concept that unconditional love grows within our hearts and will always “deliver us from evil!”

Anyone who does psychic readings therefore will have various ways of dealing with psychic attack up their sleeves, mainly because it is one of the more challenging aspects of metaphysics and the most “denied”. We prefer to think of those around us as good people, we do not want to believe we could ever become a victim of psychic attack, until life starts spinning out of control and we see there is “something” sinister working against us. We might feel suddenly low, sad, without energy, incredibly vulnerable, things will start to go wrong with a strong element of “bad luck” pervading everyday reality. We might also feel inexplicably cold, sad, or lonely. These kinds of feelings will nearly always come, as we said, “out of the blue”, when to all intense and purposes we were very much okay about our lives.


Frequently those who work in the healing fields, especially those who give psychic readings, are caring and compassionate. They also absorb negative thoughts, or can be envied for their gifts by a “friend.” It is challenging to accept that a person we know would project such mean thoughts on to us in the hope of harming us, but it happens and often the person working against us does not even believe they are doing anything wrong! The strange thing is our antagonist feels justified; their frustration blinds them to being “wrong” “evil” or “mean” as they throw their darkness outwards, on to someone else. They refuse to take responsibility for their own lives as a consequence and fail to see things are not going how they want due to their own choices. They refuse to be responsible for themselves, and blame is their second name!

You will often find people projecting out the “negative” are weak are also totally unaware they are playing into what Carl Jung, the great psychotherapist, called the “shadow”. In other words they are rejecting their own unpleasantness, their own envy, their own anger, often pretending to be giving when they are seething with resentment. Of course this creates confusion, bedlam and often emotional hiccups in their personal life.

Protecting Yourself

If you are aware that someone is being destructive towards you, you could ask those who do psychic readings to help you out with some long distance healing, or positive thought input. You could also imagine the individual standing in a glass box and see the energy they are projecting towards you trapped within that box with them, unable to reach you. You could visualize being surrounded by a ball of white light and visualize that negative thoughts cannot penetrate into it, and only positive beliefs can expand out of it.

Another way to protect yourself from any kind of psychic attack, which psychic readings can generally help you to resolve, is the basic “water crossing” method. You simply walk over a garden hose, a stream, even water flowing down a street or a bowl full of water. This helps block anything untoward from entering the auric field, as it usually enters through the feet. This is very effective and grounding as water cleanses energy. Also banging pots and pans together loudly can break down an attack. We can utilize herbs and scents too. Flower remedies such as Fringed Violet, or Angel sword can be taken internally and are extremely protective. Rosemary is great in a tea, as it is in incense form or a smudging stick.

It will get those “meanies” moving on and out. Herbal soaps can wash away most negativities. But one of the most powerful ways advised by many empaths who will want to protect you with their psychic readings is to become as a child, look at life with “big vision” and remain simple and open hearted. Love is the greatest enemy of those who believe in harming others and bad thoughts will run from love as fast as a wild wolf chased by hounds!

So as strange as it seems stand strong against those who do not want the best for you, but also forgive them, because the consequences of their actions are very grave for their souls and their lives.