Spiritual Celebrities

15608891hollywoodThose of you out there who have chosen to take a more radical approach to your own personal evolution, be aware you have company along your path to enlightenment or at the very least your humanistic approach to life. In fact, for the celebrity watchers amongst you be sure that many of our favourite stars are evolved souls, on the spiritual path. Will Smith in an interview with Blender said,” I’ve probably read 95 percent of the words in the Bible, probably 60 percent of the Torah and about 70 percent of the Koran. And the thing that is so amazing to me is how everybody, in essence, believes the same thing!”


Oprah Winfrey is a well known advocate of spiritual evolution, her website has created a special corner for such issues called the “Soul Series”, Ashley Judd is a vegetarian, George Harrison was a Krishna devotee, Heather Mills and Alex Baldwin are animal rights activists, Daryl Hannah is an environmentalist. Bono is a bona fide humanitarian, Tom Cruise is a scientologist and of course Shirley MacLaine is a spiritual adept with great knowledge of such highly evolved matters. Cat Stevens converted to Islam, Liv Tyler is a goodwill ambassador for the UN, as was Angelina Jolie who is a humanitarian. Steven Seagal usually an onscreen thug, announced that he was a reincarnation of a Tibetan Lama. Courtney Love, Richard Gere, Uma Thurman and Orlando Bloom are all Buddhists. Britney Spears recently started to follow the Kabala, a mystic Jewish belief system through her mate Madonna whose own commitment to the amazing belief system has changed her life and opened her heart.

Gwyneth Paltrow said on The List, “The harder things in my life have taught me that you mustn’t fear for your suffering – it gets rid of negativity and brings you closer to spirituality. In my early twenties I was asked what my biggest fear was and I said, ‘My father dying.’ So when it actually happened, it was very tough. It’s still tough now, but that’s taught me that to fear something is a real waste of energy because everything happens for a reason!” Even Paris Hilton had a brush with spiritual conversion in 2007. Some people said it was a publicity stunt but we are convinced her meeting with the infinite source of existence has helped her evolve and that she is already transforming her life and finding out how she can be of more use to humanity in her own very individual way.

Demi Moore has been fascinated by spiritual issues all her life and she has been following the advice of well known Indian Sage and alternative doctor Deepak Chopra. She even recorded some Sufi devotional love poems with Dr Chopra at one time. Heart throb Gerard Butler asked Bollywood actress Manisha Koriala to help him preserve his knowledge of Spiritual healing at the Oneness University, which puts each individual in touch with their deep spiritual core.

So you see you are not as alone as you sometimes might think. Even though the more prosaic around you do not share your beliefs, if you were to reach out you might find more companions that you could possibly imagine on your “Pathway to the Stars!” Forgive pun!