Palm Reading


The mysteries of a palm reading, often called chiromancy, can be fascinating, but what does it mean when a reader gazes into our hands and starts to examine our lines with such dedication and patience? To us those lines mean relatively little. And anyway, how can the length or depth of a simple line on the hand prove that we are going to live a long and healthy life? It does not make sense, sometimes we are obviously sceptical. However, there is an art to a palm reading and those who study this art use age old and precise criteria.


Palmistry has a connection to Greek mythology, the ring finger, for example is connected to the Greek god Apollo; characteristics of the ring finger can refer to an interest in art, music and harmonious actions. Gypsies, especially the Roma contingent, are famous for their capacity to read the fingers, and do palm readings also. Palm readings are highly considered by the Hindu religion and have a special place in that culture. The left hand is said to connect to the right brain hemisphere, so therefore the nature of the soul, expansive thinking, and spiritual development. The right hand is all about how a person reacts within their environment. It represents their logical “thinking” perspectives. The basic “structure” of their personality.

You might note that the lines on your hand have definitely changed throughout your life. As we get older our hands can actually increase or decrease in size and shape. Note how the palm reading reader will comment on that, and concentrate on your left hand if you are a woman and the right hand if you are a man. During a palm reading a reader will examine the skin, its colour, its feel, also whether the hand is long and sensitive, denoting a poetic nature or not, or perhaps thick and coarse denoting a realistic stance on life. If calluses are noted, you can be sure the person creates with their hands, perhaps they are a builder, or tradesperson, but also a sculptor or artist. Coincide the shape of the hand, with the calluses to understand this sort of case! Note how the palm reading measures the elasticity of the hand, knows how it moves, the shape of the nails, the way the fingers narrow, or not, at the tips. The colour for example of the palms is important, if the skin is pink, it shows a healthy person. Perhaps yellow skin on the hand shows liver problems, or slight blue or grey, can mean circulation problems

A palm reading will assess the nature of the mounts at the base of fingers. For example, the one at the base of the index finger, is called the Mount of Jupiter and can be thick, deeply embedded and long in that case leadership skills, personal ambition, and a possibly successful lifestyle is the result. The Mount of Saturn, at the base of the second finger, depicts inner balance and some of our more difficult emotional issues. The structure of the lines are fascinating too, the heart line depicts love issues, the head line intellectual prowess, the life line, our health and the length of our life, etc Union lines for example, are short horizontal little lines found on the edge of the palm between the Heart Line and the bottom of the little finger and are believed to indicate very close relationships, involving our children, friends, brothers and sister also.

Interestingly, the lines on our hands can change when we use free will in a positive manner. This signifies, as do most psychic or spiritual readings, that the nature of an outcome has much to do with free will. In fact, spidery lines have been known to vanish, split life lines unite and heart lines grow deeper as the person takes charge of their love life and makes good decisions about it.

Palm Reading Accuracy

The palm reading can be stunning, challenging, often amazing and most of the time surprisingly accurate, especially when it comes to character assessment. Many psychics include palm readings in their repertoire of “assessing” the destiny of a client. A psychic can also do a long distant palm reading, if the clients stamp the ink outline of their palm onto a piece of paper and forward it on. Certainly a palm reading can be an exciting experience that leads to more self awareness and personal evolution. Try looking into it; you will be enthralled by its magical philosophy and its profound insight into our destiny and individual choices. .