Email a Psychic

19185701internetfingersMany of us seek enlightenment to life’s challenges, sometimes we turn to friends for advice often to psychics, who we can connect to on line, on the phone, at the local fairground, in a New Age outlet, or through an email. When do we normally email a psychic? Well it is quite frequent to email a psychic when we are feeling overwhelmed by a financial problem and want an in-depth analysis of how to solve it. Perhaps we feel if we email a psychic, rather than speak to one, things can remain personal, and we will have some written evidence that we can refer back to.

True Stories

But would you email a psychic if you saw a ghost? Amanda was sitting in her front room going through her bills when all of a sudden a female figure materialized behind the standard lamp! The figure seemed to be dressed in Victorian clothes and was beseeching her, reaching out to her. Amanda’s hair stood on end, and she was covered in goose bumps, in short she was so terrified she could not sit in her front room without panicking. She rang up a psychic and tried to explain what had happened but she was still so distraught she could hardly get the words out. The telephone psychic said “why don’t you email a psychic honey, you might find it easier, without putting yourself on the line of course?” Amanda wrote to a psychic called Corinne and was delighted when she replied, “you did well to email a psychic. The situation is not that difficult to resolve, but it needs basic instructions to sort out. I will enclose them in this email, so you can remember what to do!” Corinne then proceeded to write to Amanda exactly how to help the ghost to move on to the light with a special prayer. This was the kind of information Amanda could use again! Hopefully, she will not have to, but Corinne certainly helped her detox her living room, and the entity has not shown up since.

Jennifer decided to email a psychic when her boyfriend walked out on her. She just could not get up the courage to actually talk to someone about it, it was just too upsetting. Milly, the medium, was very encouraging. She wrote Jennifer that even though the relationship was in a huge crisis her boyfriend would return. Eventually he did, but it took a year. Jennifer managed to get through the whole thing by re-reading the email Milly had sent. It gave her hope and picked her up when she was feeling particularly blue.

Peter had just found out that his contract as an IT consultant was not going to be renewed. He had never approached a psychic in his life, but the sleepless nights and endless worry were getting to him. He just could not deal with the life crisis, at first he thought of having a private consultation with a psychic, but then he realized he needed a more anonymous approach. He found an Astro Company that looked reputable enough, and he was encouraged to email a psychic for the first time in his life. He was glad he did. She wrote back with some solid advice about why his CV was no longer up to date and guided him regarding job seeking and confidence issues; within six months he had found a new opportunity. He also practiced the positive thinking exercises the psychic suggested in her email. It was easy to refer back to them, as they were all written out and stored in his file.

If you email a psychic you might indeed be wanting anonymity or a written answer you can file, perhaps a direct contact with a psychic on the phone seems too intimidating. Certainly the advantages of an email reading are many. When we decide to email a psychic we are prepared to wait for an answer and when it arrives expect it to go in-depth. Sometimes an email psychic will utilize astrology or numerology in her assessment of our situation. The fact is, she has the time to meditate on solutions and outcomes when the approach is less immediate, such as a telephone or face to face reading. As she writes a report on your situation, she will be synthetic and clear in her approach and explain the undercurrent issues that are affecting it. However, only you can choose what style of reading you want, but be sure if you happen upon the right psychic, you will get the sort of input that can add to the beauty of your life and help you move forwards.