Online Medium


An online medium communicates information that by passes what we perceive as reality. She will help us connect to a subtle net of energy that heals our conscious minds. An online medium will also rise into the spirit worlds and glean information from beloved ones passed over. As the online medium tunes into us, we could feel a sense of liberation of peace; or forces of creation responding, letting us know what we are feeling, deeply, passionately, truly within our hearts.

Our culture seems to nurture in an ingrained fear of death. But from a metaphysical point of view, everything is in a continuum and as life happens the challenges we experience are a reflection of sacred energy working through us. As we turn to a more mystical way, living Spirit guides us forwards through our karma, which is the law of cause and effect, or the fall out of our actions, both good and bad. Normally, we commit some unbalanced acts in our life time, but our prevalent goodness helps us to overcome the darker sides of our natures, unless we choose to dabble in black magic, or knowingly hurt another!

An online medium would have the capacity to connect to her higher self, to channel information not only from beloved ones who have passed over, but from guides and angels. In order to do that she is aware how her own energy vibrates in synchrony with the Divine. So, she will meditate and work on her own spiritual life to channel our spirit guides and guardian angels, or the more powerful sacred forces, such as the angelic forces.

Archangel Michael

Ronna is an American medium who channels the energies of Archangel Michael. The sacred energy coming through her is powerful because the messages from Archangel Michael heal those who listen to them. Ronna tells us that if we want to walk spiritual paths in this life we could be tested. We often stand alone with these challenges. But all this, Ronna says, has a purpose. On the “Bridging Heaven and Earth Show,’ Ronna stated that Archangel Michael protects us with his strength, courage and compassion. As we learn to express good over evil and stand up to the tests, He fights the demons hidden within our shadow side to help us evolve.

The unconscious holds all our experiences both real and unreal. Archangel Michael helps us to step forwards beyond it, into the safety of the super conscious mind, till we are free to open our hearts totally and move on in life with wisdom and understanding. Ronna says that the conscious, the unconscious and the super conscious need to be in synchrony for a human being to be in that sacred space in their hearts. For it is in our hearts that we resonate with truth and love.

Divine Energies

The online medium generally knows this and she also knows that we need to come to terms with our higher selves. The online medium will automatically ask Divine Energies to bless and help us with our problems. As we learn to integrate an understanding of our higher selves into everyday life we become wiser, more fulfilled. If the online medium goes into a channelling space, she might say things to us that she does not remember when the reading is over. If she has information for us from the other side, she might enter into a trance, or her voice could even change slightly on the phone. This is not to be feared. Sometimes she will see pure light entering our bodies and how we are being protected by our loved ones, guardian angels and archangels so that we can move on with intuition and the knowing of Spirit.

So next time you go for a reading with an online medium, expect to move on and out of your usual perceptions of reality and learn that knowledge of spirit is the most beautiful way to live your life, but to exist only in harmony and love, although the most wonderful experience, is sometimes the most difficult to actualise. An empath, or online medium has one hope in this regard, that you connect to your Divine Self, and take back the power of love and compassion. Doing so you will become radiant, youthful, happy and fulfilled. You will also overcome your challenges and win against all odds!