Online Mediums

37762732emotionalConnecting with a Psychic

Online mediums will tune into those on the other side and channel their messages for us. But they can also connect to our own feelings and emotions. It is those emotions that help online mediums decipher the inner state of an individual, and the strong sensations that govern their lives. In fact online mediums sometimes see emotions as colours or even shapes. However, over the past years a new type of call, email or text enquiry has been challenging online mediums. These types of calls have become a trend, a trend based on fear of the future, the looming 2012 issue and conspiracy theories.

Online mediums are only too aware of the angst pervading our society. One could say that it is virtually impossible for a day to go past without someone calling online mediums with a question about conspiracy theories. Most will say “Okay, so “the Forces that Be” could be tipping the scales when it comes to corruption scandals and Machiavellian political moves. In fact, the Illuminati could be devising demonic plans to dispose of half the world’s population. And yes, ET’s could be ready to takeover planet earth, but what good does it do us to get all highly strung about such information?” In fact, most sensible online mediums would encourage us to seek documented proof for our own peace of mind.

It is true that a rash of whistle blowers are jumping out of our computer screens, vouching for UFO crash landings and corruption at the highest levels. But most online mediums can see through a sham and could tell you which whistle blowers are just nutty folk trying to draw attention to themselves, or great researchers, yearning to help humanity, like David Icke.

Many of us see that the world is whirling into a vortex of challenge. With global warming, natural disasters, new diseases, wars, famine and sky rocketing crime levels hitting the news each day, it would be strange not to be affected. Yet, even though online mediums are well aware of humanity’s suffering, they so see a bigger plan too, one of spiritual love over negative perceptions. They might tell us that “What we focus on expands”. In short, if we think that the aliens are going to come and get us, they might! And if we are sure we are all going to come down with swine flu, we could. Thought is creative and often manifests in time.

Conspiracy Theories

The fact is some online mediums might not go for conspiracy theories simply because they do nothing for humanity’s morale. We might lap them up, and join a club that believes in them, but have you noticed how bad we feel if we start paying lip service to fear? Online mediums would tell us straight that fear eats into our auras, the electromagnetic vibrations emanating around our bodies, blocking creativity, keeping us awake at night and having us reaching for the creme de menthe. Online mediums would also make certain we know that there is an ultimate choice between Fear and Love.

Human beings vibrate at diverse frequencies. The higher frequencies bring beauty to our lives. The lower frequencies are insidious, we gossip, feel bad, and project fear out into the world when we are consumed by them. Every human being has their own energy field that spinning at a diverse level. An axe murderer would have a slow vibration. A Mother Theresa type would have a light filled fast frequency that makes one feel good immediately. This would apply also to conspiracy theorists; there are good and bad folk in every milieu and good and bad conspiracy theories.

Generally, online mediums would advise you not to get on your “high horse” about news of sinister scheming or evil aliens. Instead, concentrate on the good. If you hate horror movies don’t watch them. If reading the headlines causes you to feel sick, don’t read them. In other words, turn your gaze from “conspiracy theories” to “loving theories”; your life will work far better for you if you do. Most online mediums would be delighted to tell you that. Why not ask them?