Whispering Spirits



We are all holograms of light vibrating around a central point of power. Watch a sound “holograph, and note how the millions of minute metal or sand particles create intricate mandalas, geometric patterns reacting to the tonal vibrations, patterns so different from the other, yet so “similar” as they vibrate around the core. In fact, we could be perceived as one unit of energy expressing itself outwards in myriad life forms. The plant worlds, the animal worlds the insect worlds, the human world emanate out of that power point, that mighty creative force that “becomes itself” only through us and life itself!

Quantum Science

Quantum scientists have “virtually” proved the power of love. For if you were to split an atom and send one part of it to the other side of the universe, both atoms would “feel” the “absence of each other”. Everything that exists has a frequency that “vibrates to and connects within” that life force. You might “believe” existence is a cycle of coincidences, but everything is in synchrony with everything else. So if you think bad thoughts, automatically they will want to act in “harmony” creating difficult events in your life. If you’re thinking “loving”, the minute fractals within those electrical thought pulsations will create waves of similar light patterns that attract good things into your life. That is why “consciousness” is a human journey that eventually teaches us to differentiate the good from the bad.


The proof of synchrony can be described in the following experiment. If you line up a row of ticking clocks, you will soon find they tick in rhythm!” Those who have understood the “synchrony issue”, are not only the Quantum scientist, but the YouTube director, gentlemen like Daniel Doria who has broadcast a series entitled “Raising Eden” Daniel has taken the internet by storm because his analysis of the “truth” is controversial, in fact so revolutionary that he was temporarily banned from YouTube. Yet Daniel’s message is simply to ask us to be “aware” of our “conditioning” to “pay heed” to the subliminal messages some of them dishonest advertising, incorrect analyses of history or obsolete educational systems. But others could also be the “”Whispering Spirits” that reflect inner guides, angels or beloved ones who have passed on.

From a purely metaphysical perspective “Whispering Spirits” are entities, the energy of the “dead” or even angelic forces reaching out to tell us they are guiding our way and that nothing ever dies, everything exists as pure energy which never ends, just continues in a different form.

But could those “Whispering Spirits” also be our inner yearning for truth? Sometimes we hear voices in our dreams, sense something around us that suggests all might not be as it appears. Perhaps we are stuck in a mental “box” that encloses our life options rather than opening them up, a box that those “Whispering Spirits” want to liberate us from!


Clairaudients hear “Whispering Spirits” when they read for us. They pick up the delicate sound waves reaching out to us from those who have passed on, even angels or spirit, guides. They relay their messages back to us, knowing that we are protected by the loving wisdom of “consciousness” in this process. Some say clairaudients have different inner ear constructs to the normal person it is more likely they have different “consciousness” constructs!

We have all heard that phrase “think outside the box” haven’t we, but what does it really mean? Well, it could mean listening to those “Whispering Spirits” within our hearts. The Whispering Spirits that tell us if we live our lives with love, truth and kindness our existence will gain great depth and meaning. If we learn to be “emotionally independent”, if we learn rather than “taking” or “expecting”, to give and create, we will stand by our ideas and make them happen!

So listen with love, and do not be surprised at the wonder you hear when those Whispering Spirits come to call!