Free Live Psychic Reading


30363515onairBuckle your seat belt, you are about to experience a free live psychic reading! Of course luck might have something to do with “happening” upon just the right reader for you, the type of reader that can tune into your free live psychic reading via telephone or online and hit the “nail on the head” But if you do find her, you will also find yourself understanding what choices you need to make, and how to go for emotional and financial success! There are various types of readers you will alight upon as you are put through to your free live psychic reading however. We will name but a few:


The Empath


The Empath, this is a reader who will pick up on your auric field, and read sensations and feelings interpreting them in the context of your question. She is frequently spiritually orientated and will guide you towards a higher perception of reality during your free live psychic reading.

The Clairvoyant


The Clairvoyant: She/he will “see” visions, of the past present and future, but she also believes much will depend on what Spirit wants you to know. She “listens” to guidance, and “knows” how to guide you forwards, picking you up from turmoil with her “on the spot” predictions and kindness.

The Tarot Card Reader


The Tarot Card Reader: The Tarot reader will base free live psychic reading on the mystical tarot cards and predict your life history in pictorial, or visionary format. They will bounce perceptions off the cards and integrate empathic or psychic qualities, plus names and date predictions into the free live psychic reading.

The Astrologist


The Astrologist: She/he will look at your planetary chart to see where your stars alight in the heavens, and guide you towards your future not only with the help of the zodiac but an educated and perceptive take coupled with empathic wisdom and know how.

The Numerologist


The Numerologist: She/he will utilize the magical power of numbers to assess your human evolution, soul path and what direction your current life is going during your free live psychic reading on line.

Perhaps you will experience a mix match of all the above as a result of seeking your free live psychic reading. But remember to ask your psychic how she operates. She will request your name date of birth and tune into your energies once she feels you are connecting! Only on rare occasions will a psychic tell you she is not tuning into you, and advise you to seek another psychic. This is not bad news, sometimes energies just don’t mix, so best not to take this personally.

Many a psychic reader has experienced becausemic awareness and will know that we have all come to this earth to carry out our “missions”. A finely tuned reader will also accept that life is materialistic, but will have undergone trainings and initiations; and be able to contact Spirit for alternative solutions.

Most human beings have the capacity to tune into metaphysical energies. But not everyone hones in on their spiritual core, and the energy necessary to channel “higher” forces. Psychics who tune into your auric field during a free live psychic reading will generally access “other worldly” energies naturally. Some will have had mystical experiences from an early age, and never have been afraid to face up to them. So, as you go for your free live psychic reading, not only will you gain access to your psychic’s unusual powers but your life path and possibly your own inner knowing. Now that is an experience not to be missed!

You see, finely tuned sensitivity is not some weird science or magic, but a case of reaching into ourselves and awakening our hearts and minds, realizing that we can share a common life purpose with the ones we love. Yes, we are part of one amazing universe, so let’s enjoy the ride! Look out for that free live psychic reading on line, we know you will enjoy the supernatural message “just for you!”