Fortune Telling Card

37809623thetowerGot the smelling salts out? You might have to, because the following interview could be categorized as one that could actually “shiver your timbers” The information given below could also come under the jurisdiction of the fortune telling card The Tower that “bodes ill” and usually means some catastrophe, in any event a sudden and radical change. In its more muted interpretation, The Tower is a fortune telling card that informs us we are in for radical personal transformation, new insight or knowledge that hits us like a “bolt from the blue”. In other words, the basic meaning of the Tower fortune telling card is that we will become privy to some incident or information that we would never have expected to know about, and perhaps preferred not to!

Bill Ryan of Project Camelot, an online “Whistle Blowing Website” reveals the “truth” behind “cover ups” and has virtually “seen it all”, but even he would have been wise to keep his smelling salts in his pocket and a more optimistic fortune telling card on his person whilst interviewing a recent anonymous “witness”.

This “witness” claimed he spent a long time in the military and then held a senior position in the City of London and within both institutions became very intimate with events that were being manufactured secretly, covertly, on behalf of a group of people which he claims are like “a “Band of Brothers.”

The Witness states” I’ve also called them an “over-government”. There are also other names I could call them, some of them derogatory and that would be deserved!

Some of them come from quite aristocratic backgrounds. There’s one who I identified at that meeting who is a senior politician. Two others were senior figures from the police, and one from the military.

The anonymous “witness” claims that he attended a meeting, virtually by accident, with the aforementioned “Band of Brothers” in 2005 when the “big thing” was the war in “Iraq” – and what he heard chilled him to the bone.

He says, “Iraq was on their agenda, but also, surprisingly, there was lots of conversation and talk about Iran. And what surprised me and really raised my eyebrows was mention, open mention, about the Israeli reluctance to strike and provoke Iran into armed action. That was something that really raised the hairs on the back of my neck.”

Bill Ryan who is an excellent interviewer of the “old school” “Dimbleby” style, might again have needed more than one positive fortune telling card in his pocket during the following stage of the interview. There was a definite edge in the atmosphere as he continued his intriguing line of questioning. He proceeded to ask our “witness” what this “Band of Brothers” was doing and why it was doing it?

This was the response: “There was open talk about the use of biological weapons against China and when they would be used and the timing.

There was a clear expectation of goading Iran into some sort of armed conflict with the West, with China coming to the aid of Iran. Through this goading, either China or Iran would use a tactical nuclear weapon of some sort!

The rest of that interview’s astounding revelations revealed that the aim of, “dare we say it”, that loathsome “Band of Brothers” was to create such extreme fear in the world populace, that it could be totally taken over by a totalitarian “style” of government after a nuclear exchange with Iran and Israel.

Now, one could question the truth of the source, since he remains anonymous, but Bill Ryan is an exacting man searching for real answers. If the “witness” is bona fide, it is obvious that the he knows some very evil men. In any event, a presumed secret is out!

Whether you believe the aforementioned or not, it might be wise to understand why empaths, healers and psychics ask us to spiritualize our lives, focus on the good and connect to our Higher Selves and our soul missions. Perhaps only then might we see a massive and positive change occurring on planet earth, so that this type of “Band of Brothers” are expedited speedily back to whence they came!.