Compatibility Love

10047742loveThe Compatibility Love vibe is what makes the world go round, it turns our emotions from dark to light, and it fills us with joy. The Compatibility Love vibe is essential to our physical health, to our “attractiveness” – feeling good makes us look good! The Compatibility Love vibe rarely separates us from our inner truth; instead it encourages us to express our destinies. We admire celebrities because we feel they have got the Compatibility Love vibe sussed. Posh and Becks are the epitome of the Compatibility Love vibe, as are Obama and his Michele, Brad and Angelina, Laurel and Hardy, their love and compatibility energy has helped them escalate the success we so often seek for ourselves.

The Compatibility Love vibe operates in life’s emergencies. It makes a mother sense a child is in danger, a dog sit by its injured master till help comes, a fire fighter rush into a burning building. We seek that Compatibility Love vibe constantly; we even undergo plastic surgery, becausemetic dentistry and rigid diets to pull the Compatibility Love vibe to us, believing if we are externally beautiful, and life will treat us kindly. But we have missed the point. The Compatibility Love vibe is the natural stuff of the universe its power is immense. Both love and compatibility help plans stay on course, atoms whirl and tides crash to shores. When we unite Love plus Compatibility, we can even open the door to the magical secrets of existence! However, if we want to make the Compatibility Love vibe really work, we need to love ourselves first. We need, in short, to forgive our mistakes, to comprehend our psychological patterns, to heal our hurts and to eliminate our negativity till what we are “within” reflects harmoniously “without”.

Famous Love

The Compatibility Love vibe is light to our shadow, balm to our wounds and beauty to our ugliness. Yet without inner knowing we cannot manifest it? How can we find the perfect love, without loving ourselves first? How can we create a happy home, without being “at home” in the one we have already? How can we appear beautiful without connecting to that spiritual splendour within? The “greats” of the world have always possessed the Compatibility Love vibe in abundance Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Obama, Kennedy, the Marx Brothers, Socrates, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Diana Princess of Hearts, Charles Dickens, the list goes on and on. These are people who understood that the Compatibility Love vibe is about empowering others. It takes the Compatibility Love vibe to discover a medicine to heal cancer, paint a masterpiece, compose an evergreen, write a novel, build up an ailing economy, talk peace, and limit the expansion of nuclear weapons. How can anyone who lives with love and compatibility want to kill another, or poison the environment? Such actions would be virtually impossible. The ultimate metaphysical manifestations of the Compatibility Love vibe are angels; entities of light that assist all beings. An Angel will bring a deep sense of peace and ease a broken heart. A sensitive psychic is so overwhelmed with feelings of love when an angel appears for her client, she can be moved to tears! But the truth of seeing an angel is possessing a childlike heart, because children are naturals when it comes to the Compatibility Love vibe. The instant a toddler starts to giggle or a kid starts to blow bubble gum the Compatibility Love vibe is set in motion. Just for a change look around and see the Compatibility Love manifesting in the smiles of those who love you, in the majesty of life in all its forms. The Compatibility Love vibe is part of who you are and always will be! So go on, recognize it, set it in motion, it will change your life!