Tarot Card Reading

1370628musicstandHave you ever thought that tarot cards could not only speak the language of your soul, but actually sing it? Well that might sound a tad exaggerated, but tarot cards do contain such exquisite symbology that certainly could be possible they are not only a pictorial rendition of the phases the soul passes through from birth to death, but a musical one too.

Dr Zhi Gang Sha

Dr Zhi Gang Sha would say that the tarot cards themselves are emanating sounds, impossible for the human ear to decipher, but certainly harmonics that resonate deep into the depths of the unconscious mind.

Dr Zhi Ganga Sha is Chinese but was trained as a western medical doctor, as well as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He is the founder of the Institute of Soul Mind Body Medicine and the author of Soul Wisdom, a book that teaches us how to use practical soul treasures to transform our lives. One of those treasures is contained in the mystical sounds of the Universe that translate into the personal soul song.

Dr Sha would believe tarot cards not only emanate a description of a human situation, personal archetype or inner/outer circumstance, or states, but a vibration that communicates into the ethers as a unique sound. In fact, one could say that not only do tarot cards emanate illustrative resonances; they resonate celestial music and give out a unique vibration. The tarot cards could be compared to musical notes therefore, chiming different qualities of consciousness that connect to the psychic’s inner “knowing”.

Dr Sha is convinced that we all have a personal soul song. He says in this book Soul Wisdom, “What is happening through the soul song is that the human voice is able to express parts of heaven’s song. As you sing your soul song you connect with an aspect of the highest realms. This is the proper time in Mother Earth’s history to literally bring Heaven’s Song to Earth. Each person who releases his or her soul song is a privileged messenger, the privileged singer of that part of Heaven’s Song, which is revealed through them.”

Inner Knowledge

Now it might seem odd to think that tarot cards might guide you to your soul song, but one could say the more knowledge you acquire of your inner self, the more you can access the miracles of the metaphysical and express them. Tarot cards can be of such exquisite beauty, they could make us want to sing, even if we are a tad too blocked to access our soul song. The delightful Visconti Italian cards for example, with their Renaissance images would have a very unique sound to them, as would the Waite cards, the Marseille tarot cards, the Llewellyn tarot cards, or the Hanson-Roberts tarot pack. Each artistic depiction would vibrate at a different resonance.

Dr Sha says “Your willingness to be a messenger of light is blessed in abundance and your soul journey and soul standing increases more rapidly that you can imagine. When those who realize we are all on the same soul journey and truly share a commitment to unconditional universal love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony and light and communicate this to one other – the results will be truly amazing. There are many people who live in troubled areas of the world, but whose heart’s desire is to do whatever they can to resolve difference and conflict. These people can now offer their soul language, with unconditional love into the conflict.”

Tarot cards were initially treasured and unique magical instruments created to bring relief to painful life histories, harmony to broken hearts and wisdom in confused minds. We need to learn to integrate all aspects of tarot cards into our understanding; their form, their colours, their symbols and their insight as well as, yes, their sound – now that is a wonderful thought! So don’t take any notice of your best mate giggling madly as you hold the Lovers Card up to your ear, waiting for it to break into song! You are unique and you are darned if you are going to follow that boring old status quo point of view, which is what you see is what you get!