Spiritual Healing

19094849bandaidGregg Braden

World renowned, “cutting edge” mystic and metaphysician Gregg Braden would agree that spiritual healing is absolutely fundamental to the evolution if humanity Techniques like Reiki still are effective but have been somewhat bypassed by Vortex and Matrix Healing techniques, based on energy systems derived from past wisdoms, but also current aspects of the “revolutionary” scientific take on reality – we refer to Quantum Mechanics and String Theories.

Gregg, who has made his life mission one of searching for answers to the mysteries, is able to unite his findings with modern day physics. He says that as we move towards 2012 humankind will have the opportunity to make a choice, but our future will depend on how our new choices pan out and whether they will be life affirming or not. He says “some will experience ‘the rapture’ or what is referred to in esoteric traditions as the “Ascension”.

The “aware” are preparing for this time, spiritual healing is part of an evolution towards the “rapture”, and could access it. As we harmonize our energy fields through spiritual healing we balance our presence on earth, and are less inclined to hurt others. In fact, we treasure our environment, care for our children and seniors and stand up against corruption, war, and violence. In other words, we vibrate on a highly refined level. As the earth goes through “Her” great metaphysical change we either accept or resist it. But Spiritual healing will guide us down the road of “least resistance”.


According to Gregg Braden’s theories, without spiritual healing life could become a terrifying experience, especially if we turn away from the vibrant changes “in process”. Braden says “The fact is, people from every continent are asking what in the world is going on, on this planet? And what can we do about it? We are all looking for the same thing, which is peace and happiness, with the exception of a handful of war mongering leaders”

People are ready to let go of the suffering and seek a new way to care for themselves and the basic necessities of life So what we are seeing is a bleeding through or an overlap, as we currently live through a new” way of coming together. It is a beautiful unfolding, but it can be a very painful process too”.

Gregg also tells us that ancient texts and traditions have been preparing us to deal with this period in history since time began. Gregg is certain that if we can change the way we perceive our bodies and minds, we will be able to accommodate the massive shifts. These changes can be helped through the experience of spiritual healing as we purify our auric fields and our soulful imbalances. Gregg believes that what happens to the earth happens to our bodies in the same way. We have already transcended many of the darkest prophecies, he says. “The “Bible Code” predictions, for example, did not occur because we took a different path, so those foretold horrors never had to unfold.”

Gregg Braden believes dark possibilities could still occur, but they do not have to happen if we live our lives consciously and with intent, being kind to one another. Spiritual healing is not just a question of the “laying on of hands” therefore, it is an “awakening”, an understanding that we are not just our physical form that we are even beyond the trillions of atoms that make up our body – we are pure light!

Gregg Braden states on his website, “I would invite people to live life fully, consciously, with intent in kindness to one another and ask themselves how they can be of service in their everyday lives. By virtue of doing that through individuals, places or people we become better people by following that code of conduct. We all share the collective prayer that is the doorway of opportunity!”