Free Psychic

37831125creepy1A free psychic is someone who dedicates themselves to tuning into the metaphysical, sometimes making themselves available to clients without payment. This devotion to duty could be considered the mission a free psychic undertakes for charity, or even participation in a media company launch. But mainly a free psychic is there for us when we need her, and that is her life’s ambition, to help others in whatever situation they find themselves in. Whether they be rich or poor, good or bad, successful or a failure, lovelorn or emotionally fulfilled; a free psychic will not judge anyone, or take sides on a life predicament, because a free psychic’s purpose is to guide and sustain an individual when they are going through challenging times.

A free psychic can be especially helpful if our children seem to be rather highly strung, or insist that they see spirits or angels. Many a free psychic knows that children are especially sensitive when it comes to the paranormal. In fact children see the world from a totally different perspective to adults. Most of us have forgotten our childhood feelings; we re-access them only when we read Harry Potter, or decorate a Christmas tree, but in the main we have totally forgotten that we too had a special friend, or chatted with an ET behind the old oak tree. So therefore, when we see our child talk to their special friend, it is no use getting upset or worried, it is probable that little Sandra has not yet developed all the limitations and blocks that we have. Children are free from social “brain washing” about what is, or is not reality, so sometimes they go beyond the veil and see fairies, angels and little critters in the back yard.

Perhaps it might be challenging for a parent to admit, even to a free psychic, that they believe Sandra is talking to the ghost of Aunt Jenny. But the fact is she described her perfectly, the way Aunt Jenny used to wear her hair in a chignon, her favourite ear rings and her funny laugh. It was eerie to hear little Sandra talk about her aunt in that way, for she had never met her. It made one reach for the phone and take up the offer from a free psychic. Perhaps she could tell us why we feel so spooked, so concerned, why we worry about adorable Sandra’s state of mind? What if she starts talking to Aunt Jenny at school, in front of the teachers, what will they think of us as parents we ask?

The free psychic explains that Sandra is open minded, that she sees the world as a magical, mysterious “event”. Colours are more intense, Sandra picks up what goes on around like a sponge, in fact she accesses states of being that are inaccessible to most adults. The online psychic will tell us to stand by our little girl. Not to put her down if she has long conversations with a ghost or spirit friend. By allowing Sandra to talk about her invisible play mate, just as she freely chats to us about her dreams and nightmares, we can deal with things when Aunt Jenny wants to play instead of eat breakfast, or have a bath!

The fact is, the moment a child integrates into mainstream education it is more than likely they will forget the invisible “beings” that played with in the nursery. Of course Aunty Jenny will still watch over Sandra, the free psychic tells us, because she is her guardian angel! We reach for the Kleenex, the thought moves us. Sandra has come to sit on our lap for a cuddle. How lovely children are, we think. What a shame they have to grow up!