About Star Signs

zodiac-19286220What is there to know about star signs? If we know enough about star signs can we change our lives? Astrologers are obviously adept at understanding about star signs, but can simple old you and me also acquire some basic knowledge?

To understand astrology means that we perceive there is more to existence than meets the eye. If we are convinced the stars affect us, then radical materialism has no more place in our reality. Whether we like it or not, we believe there is an esoteric or spiritual plane of awareness that affects our lives and it shines down at us from the heavens!

So what is astrology?

It is quite simple really. Astrology is the analysis of star placements on the day, hour and minute we were born. The Sun, Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Uranus and Venus placements are the prime planetary forces that affect humanity and they will play a very unique tune for you, your “life tune”. In fact, the planets help you create the dream or nightmare of your existence. They influence perceptions, ideas and physical expression.

An astrologer can analyze your “star combo” through the timing of crises points in your life, yet also the loves, the joys and fulfilments by calculating the spin of planetary energies above your head, for example where your rising sign is, or where your moon floats in the heavens, they translate what inspires and guides your destiny. Your astrologer could also explain why your moon placement makes you so darn moody, why you feel super “nutty” when Uranus passes through your chart or why Pluto tends to makes you plummet into the “dark side” or just sulk in a corner when a romance ends.

What is important is that you find a sympathetic astrologer, one you respect and believe in.

One who can analyze your moon in Aquarius without a superficial take for example that you are “radical”, “out there” and “alternative”. She will know what planets make you “super sensitive with a deeply feeling nature”. She will tell you why your north node depicts challenging karma and how to go beyond it or how and why your South Node manifests the joys of past lives in this one.

She will see your “Midheaven” soul project, and if you are a “copy cat” Mother Teresa don’t blame your astrologer, it is written in the stars.

Obviously you realize that a horoscope of three lines in the back page of a woman’s magazine, or newspaper, cannot give you the whole picture, but it can describe some of the atmosphere affecting your star sign.

So how can you suss out your new Cancer girl friend?

Well if she talks about her mother alot and she has just brought a flat close to her, don’t knock her, or her mum. She will drop you like a hot coal if you do.

How can you get on the good side of your Virgo boyfriend? For goodness sake don’t touch their antique book collection and be sure to learn alternative healing, they love Reiki sessions!

When your best friend is planning to “get back” at the guy who swept away the promotion from under their feet, or even mops up your cat’s vomit with a blank expression their face, be sure they are a Scorpio. Scorpios can handle the most disgusting elements of human existence without flinching and wait ten years to get even in the process.

If your boss is planning to start selling hamburgers on Mars, or has just found out how the mass populace can time travel, you can be sure they are either Aquarian or have their Uranus in some “wacko” astro combo.

So you see there is much to know about star signs, so why not find out more and get that astro reading? Go on, we dare you!