19085712auraWhat are Auras? Some of us know they are the light patterns that emanate around all living things, a light that an experienced Psychic or Clairvoyant can see and read. Many of us are also aware the Aura emanates colours, feelings, thoughts, memories and past life experiences, and that it depicts our “etheric” field, the light vehicle that connects us to life itself. Few of us understand that we communicate non-verbally via our Aura. We “sense” the boss is in a good mood, “know” our friend is upset via the intensity of their etheric frequencies which in synthesis are non verbal communications bouncing off the auric field. Certainly it is believed Auras are purely “metaphysical” phenomena, which only Psychics and visionaries can see but science has not yet proved. Prepare to be amazed! New Science is indeed providing an explanation for that exquisite light vibration around all living things.

Biophoton Research

Recent research has discovered a substance called Biophoton which makes up the light energy vibrating off all life. In the case of humans it is said to originate from our DNA pattern. In her book “The Field” Lynne McTaggart describes her light: “Biophotons, or ultra weak photon emissions of biological systems are weak electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum – in other words, light. All living cells of plants, animals and human beings emit Biophotons which cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be measured by special equipment developed by German researchers.” In his article on Lynne McTaggart’s book, William F Hamilton states, “trees communicate and even signal each other in the face of danger. We may be exchanging information with pets and other animals through Biophotonic communication. This may be how some people who have a Green thumb affect plants they care for. The possibilities have not been fully explored, but I suspect that Biophotonics will be a growing science in the 21st century.”

Kirlian Photography

The renowned Kirlian photography system creates a “photogram” that registers a light pattern, or electrical discharges around all living things. The Kirlian system records these discharges like music onto a CD. Kirlian rocked the scientific establishment when he affirmed the discharges around a leaf, for example, were proof of its auric field. Repeated tests of this phenomenon could not be disproved. Additionally, Aura photography uses an Aura Camera with a biofeedback and a hand sensor to measure the auric field and then reproduce it on to a Polaroid photo. The photo shows multi coloured patterns around an individual that a healer or empath can easily interpret. Many utilize this system to measure energy changes as spiritual healing takes place.

But how do the experts amongst us “see” Auras? An initial training could consist of a person standing in front of a White wall and the “seer” learning to identify smudges of colour as they appear against the backdrop. But with experience an Aura is not only seen but felt through the ethers, and its emanations interpreted by the Psychic as “visions”, “emotions” or “future and past events”. A practised Clairvoyant has the capacity to translate auric content like an interpreter translates a foreign language. Our Auric colours/feelings/patterns, plus our pasts and futures become a language that ultra sensitive and gifted empaths can decipher.

Much is also made of the colour of Auras; certainly they play a significant role. For example, a prevalence of “Yellow” is a positive person, with happy vibes. Green shows someone materially secure, but somewhat stressed. Red shows hearty passions, Pink a loving soul who gives their all, Black depicts grief and trauma and Grey shows depression or chronic fatigue. Blue denotes healing powers and creative capacities, and White high level healing powers. White and very large Auras are seen around spiritual masters, or enlightened souls. The Auric field can measure 5 inches to 12 feet around the human body depending on individual Karma and dedication to personal evolution. A negative individual can also have a large Aura; it could be intense, dark and unfortunately very communicative. The size of the Aura does not depict good or bad, but the intensity of soul mission. In fact the Aura “vibrates” our Karma, the cause and effect of our lives into our reality. The more knowing and loving we become however, the more our Aura emanates light and brings evolution and luck into our lives.

Sensing Auras

Sense your friend’s Aura by holding the palms of your hands upwards, and then skirting the outside of their body. You will feel tingling and warmth, which is the first indication of the Auric field in action. This is the field healers connect to as they balance auric excess or depletion, often the cause of illness. It is also what a Psychic “sees” when you ask for a reading. When a person feels emotionally stressed, that stress is imprinted on their auric field via high synchrony etheric frequencies and as it flows into the body creates physical imbalance. It is fundamental that we maintain a balanced lifestyle, incorporating positive thought, prayer and meditation to maintain health and well-being.

The Aura is indeed a fascinating subject, Kirlian and Aura Photography plus the recent scientific findings prove that the Aura is not just some “pie in the sky” perception to be disparaged by sceptics. In fact, further scientific discoveries could allow us all to see the aura, just as our gifted empaths do today. The changes to the way we communicate and live our lives could be staggering! We have much to look forward to!