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The fact that Mr. James Randi and his Sceptics are not the most popular guys on the block these days and certainly would not go for a free psychic on line is not that new. The sceptics’ raison d’tre, bless them, is usually about disproving people’s spiritual beliefs and metaphysical experience. The sceptics do not seem to understand that even though a materialist bunch of folks live on planet earth, we still give the “thumbs up” to the “invisible” in fact, far more than the sceptics would like us to. So notwithstanding Randi’s crusade against the psychic contingent, coupled with his attempts to defrock famous astrologers and lay ” fraud” at the door of mediums and metaphysical healers, he is failing to prove that metaphysical workers are just a bunch of loonies and at worst a gang of rip off merchants.



A recent poll has demonstrated 57 percent of Americans believe in unexplained phenomena, including ESP, telepathy and events that cannot be explained by science alone. Strangely, according to the poll, the “baby boomers” amongst us have a tendency to disbelieve psychic phenomena, so your senior citizen will not be the type to go a whole bunch on a free psychic online.

The religious amongst us though, have faith in metaphysical phenomena but are likely to avoid a free psychic online, due to variant contrary positions on the occult. Two thirds of Catholics believe that metaphysical events occur, i.e. things that go “bump in the night”, but only 52 percent of Protestants vouch that such events are real. It is also intriguing to note that the more educated amongst us are unlikely to believe in ESP phenomena. This may be because the higher echelons have become “indoctrinated” by the education system – not a particularly progressive or popular thought may be, but unfortunately probably a true one. Logic i.e. left brain perceptions clash with the non linear thinking processes of the right brain when it comes to mainstream education, which excludes metaphysical experience. So don’t expect your computer scientist to dig a free psychic online!

Most people, who took the survey and experienced mystical phenomena, pertained to your average middle and working classes who are less close minded to supernatural accounts and a free psychic online reading. So from the survey, society’s “super brains”, are less geared to spiritual sensitivity, except of course in the strange case of Dr Stephen Greer, the UFO advocate and Emergency Surgeon who has presented extensive documentation to Obama about how the UFO cover up is bamboozling the world populace. He is currently asking for the release of important governmental documentation regarding Extra Terrestrials still held under wraps, by the Pentagon. We wonder whether Dr Greer would go for a free psychic on line, we sense that at a push he might.

Only a few people have vouched for personal ESP experience, just 16 percent according to the poll. But back in 1989 a quarter of Americans declared that they had partaken in some type of psychic experience online readings and encounters of a third kind with a free psychic online have become very popular due to their immediacy. As we are already aware the Quantum theory, although complex, basically explains that “what we see is what we believe!” Interest in the infinite, the metaphysical and the mystical is increasing therefore, as it does, our belief in the “divine” augments. More and more people are going for a free psychic online therefore. In fact millions scout the internet everyday searching for answers to “Will he call?” “What is my life mission?” “Will I get married?” “Will I ever be rich?” etc we feel insecure, since the prevalent global belief system states that “nothing is going on” when we can feel in our bones, and see clearly also, that just about “everything is going on!” especially when it comes to global warming, natural catastrophes, an increase in UFO sightings, the proliferation of war and disease etc. These events have us searching for a free psychic reading, if nothing else, to get some predictions as to whether 2012 will actually happen and the human race will end up with “egg on its face!”Sceptics bore us, the status quo has let us down, the media indoctrinates us, and the banks bamboozle us, who can blame the human race for seeking alternatives?