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One might ask how Drunvalo Melchizedek, a Vietnam War veteran with a BS in Psychics and Mathematics could have anything to do with a free on line tarot readings. Well, more than one would think. You see, even though a Free Online Tarot reading might seem quite straightforward, and could even be considered by some folks as base line metaphysics, i.e. you ask the question, acquire an answer and then assimilate what that answers says, when it comes to a Free Online Tarot reading there is far, far more going on under the surface. You see, Universal energies sustain what is going on, metaphysical vibrations that are part and parcel of human consciousness if you like. But contained in this expression of metaphysical vibrations, or symbolic depictions of energy, as per tarot card symbols, we could also include Melchizedek’s flower of life, which is a geometrical figure said to contain multifaceted energies that contain “all things of God”. As exquisite as this metaphysical energy is, do not exclude the possibility that the psychic or empath who volunteers your free online tarot reading is someone who connects to such high spheres of consciousness and accesses her abilities through specialized meditations and breathing techniques taught by Drunvalo.

But why would a psychic who does free online tarot readings need to access this type of spiritual practice? Well, because she understands the “sacredness” in all things, even the tarot cards themselves. She knows that the tarot depicts mankind’s spiritual journey and the various phases of initiation within that journey. She knows, for example, that the Devil depicts our own inner attachment to need and fear, and that the Death card is but a portal to personal transformation. She knows that the Sun is our spiritual Heart and that the Lovers symbolize the choices we make when we fall in love. I.e. to surrender or hold back, but to learn these facts in the head as well as understanding them in the heart, is quite another matter. It requires determination, love and an infinite willingness to put others before oneself, above all it requires an ongoing capacity to learn and assimilate new visions and spiritual techniques as we move into a new era, and the surprises that await us in 2012.

Those who follow Drunvalo’s metaphysical meditations can open up both their spiritual and psychic capacities to encapsulate a deeper understanding of others’ emotions and feelings, of others’ life choices and decisions, as well as their own. The Merkaba meditation is said to allow the adept to travel to other strata of consciousness and even converse with angelic beings. Drunvalo teaches “it can create a 55 foot wide energy field around the body, with two counter rotating tetrahedrons spinning at around 90% of the speed of light”. Drunvalo writes “the energy from the Merkaba field is strong enough to routinely set off radars and electromagnetic monitoring equipment resulting in visits from helicopters sent to investigate in the middle of my workshops”. He describes how “he and his groups have worked to amplify intention through their Merkaba fields and for example create clean air for several miles around them, visible in the skies above them, by the ring of polluted air beyond”.

If you are lucky enough to alight on a “free on line tarot reader” who has some experience in Drunvalo’s awesome meditations and teachings, they will be able to read you from a “higher” perspective” and lift up your energy field with their truthful analyses and defined higher purpose. So you see, a free online tarot reading could also be a psychic’s way of serving humanity and allowing others to partake of her gifts or, dare we say it, evolved energy. She will respect the tarot cards as sign posts for evolution, and attempt to help you see your purpose, or your life mission and carry it out with humility. During this type of free online tarot reading, you will sense a kind of Divine Energy wave overwhelming and lifting you up, far beyond your problems and fears.

Drunvalo’s book describes “the flowering of a Unity Consciousness Grid that will come into being in 2012.” He says “this grid connects a sacred network of temples and crystals that share unity consciousness all over the globe.” Drunvalo’s own meditation experience included two angels appearing to him, guiding him to seventy teachers and mentors around the world, who shared sacred information with him.

The trick is to expand consciousness, to not be “snobbish” when it comes to metaphysical perceptions. To recognize that tarot cards, meditation, Reiki and other metaphysical experiences, such as those proposed to us by Drunvalo, are tools of understanding that help us break through our mental and emotional boundaries. A free on line tarot reading could indeed be the first door we open to obtain such fascinating knowledge, and that is “the miraculous” in action don’t you think?