Are Psychics Real?

19088434questionAre psychics real? Public opinion is divided. Occasional fraudulent occurrences have caste dispersions on those with authentic spiritual gifts. Sceptics scream “trickster” at anyone claiming to have psychic gifts these days. Their unmonitored tests however, often draw unbalanced and prejudiced conclusions, so in answer to the question Are Psychics Real? The super Sceptic James Randi continues to challenge with materialistic assessments and attempts to decipher a philosophical, energetic issue with a proverbial “olde world” spanner in the works. It continues to get him nowhere. The vision of sceptics measuring love under a microscope is amusing to say the least, especially since we all know love exists, we can feel it and that is its proof. We also know there are chemical changes in the body when we fall in love, but have you ever seen a proven test proving love, or the reasons for its existence? Randi’s stance has therefore not deterred the average human being from “knowing” in his heart that there is a “Great Force” or as Quantum Mechanics states a “Unified Field” of creative energy sustaining our universe

Scientific Approach

Gary Schwartz PhD is a professor of Psychology who teaches Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry and Surgery. He received his PhD from Harvard and was a professor of psychiatry at Yale University. He is also the Director of Veritas Research Program which looks into the human energy system. He has written two books called “The Living Energy Universe” and “The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life after Death plus The Truth about Medium”, his answer to Are Psychics Real? would be to explore consciousness. Schwartz claims perception of spiritual awareness is based on maths and physics “All the findings of contemporary neuroscience are actually consistent with the hypothesis that the brain serves as an “antenna-receiver” for consciousness rather than being the “creator” of consciousness. We are organized energy and we are emitting this energy into space. We are as persistent as the light from those distant stars. The probability that our light and information continues is the same probability that the light from distant stars continues.”

Schwartz’s challenge has been to answer such questions as Are Psychics Real? Fairly. He has criticized Randi of assuming all mediums are cheats. In fact, the sceptics’ tendency to hang on to the “fraudster theory” might work up to a point, except when personal experiences, such as communications from the “other side” or a spot on psychic prediction changes lives. Anyone who experienced accurate psychic prediction will have given up asking “Are psychics real?” They will have realized other” elements” that cannot be measured with scientific know-how are the answer. In fact, the emotional experience of “knowing” that there is another force; a God Force, can be life changing. Again, Love is an aspect of human consciousness that shows up as change in hormonal secretion and a rise in endomorphic activity. But of course the spiritual element of Love still cannot be tracked in the science lab, especially if it is not of the biological ilk, but rather the universal-type Mother Teresa “Love” emanated towards the poor and suffering.

Gary Schwartz published a book called The God Experiments, or how science is discovering God. Gary experimented with his own personal life, and was hit with evidence he could not explain, he realized that reality indeed clashed with mainstream education and modern spiritual assumptions and thus expanded his own awareness of what “real” actually is. So if you want to ask that question “Are psychics real?” understand that they are as real as human consciousness, which still is immeasurably mysterious and nobody, not even James Randi, can prove this to the contrary!