Tarot Reader

7719617blackcatWhat Does Your Tarot Reader Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what your favourite tarot reader looks like? Do you imagine her surrounded by crystal balls, a pendant dangling around her neck and a couple of black cats on her lap? Well, she might not actually look like the Witch of Eastwick but your tarot reader could be into magic, scintillating white magic of course. On occasions, she could even wave a magic wand, a wand of mystical strength, symbolizing the power of positive thinking and its capacity to defuse the most difficult situations. The kind of wand your tarot reader will use to break through illusions and cut to the chase.

Okay, as your scratch your head and tremble in your boots, afraid of what the “lovely Esmeralda” might really be up to, let us assure you a tarot reader of the “white magic” fraternity will only use her wand when she is divinely inspired. It will symbolize her “higher will” you see and she could have even made it from the sacred willow or hazel nut tree both traditional “wish fulfillers”. She might have even adorned her wand with magical rings that hone into planetary powers, for example tin for Jupiter, the planet of luck and bounty, or silver for the Moon, the planet of sensitivity and intuition. She might have carved into her wand beloved totems like a heart, a star, a sacred animal or symbol. She will make sure the wand is hollow within to conduct divine, healing energies into the “everyday”. Of course, she could have simply picked up a very special twig in the forest, yes a twig, but your tarot reader will have smoothed it down and polished it up, making sure the stars were smiling down at her as she did so. If she deems it appropriate she might prefer a magnetic wand made of a metal coil or a lucky horse shoe to draw protection and drive away negativity. She could also strive to understand the workings of the magnetic poles and operate within their protocol often with a wand made of copper or nickel. She might have gone for a crystal wand, enhanced with positive thoughts and visualizations in any event your tarot reader will have synchronized her wand with the “powers that be”. You see she is dedicated to augmenting the healing “fluid” of her energy field and “other worldly” perceptions that help others.

Your tarot reader will have enjoyed the process of gathering together her forces to merge with the might of nature. She takes a pious position only when it comes to sustaining Mother Nature and will work to relieve pollution, whether of “thought, word or deed”. She will make sure her energy is loving as she fuses her wand with “goodness”. She knows that clearing mind and heart before wielding it is fundamental. She will hold her wand with respect, like she holds life with respect. She will wave it in preordained patterns, as mystical, other-worldly and magical as the tarot cards themselves. But folks, she is usually a tarot reader out of choice, a choice she made from birth, a choice to sustain life with a clear heart, free mind and open perspective. She sees no limits to the love of Spirit, and is only likely to disrespect only those who destroy the environment and poison the world with greed.

Are you getting out your Harry Potter? Well we would not blame you if you did. However, realize that a tarot reader working for a respected astro company will never, ever be into black magic, for those who employ her have enough expertise in such matters to know where she is coming from. Instead, she will be into the heavenly, the celestial and the marvellous and yes, will hold your greatest good as her highest concern. So next time you call up a tarot reader, realize Harry Potter and his Philosopher’s Stone might have far more significance than you ever thought possible!