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You are a little concerned. It is midnight and the boyfriend said he would call at 10 pm. Perhaps he is unwell or drunk, somewhere. Perhaps he is with another. Perhaps you will never see him again. You decide to have a shower, get into your pyjamas and watch a romantic movie, still expecting him to call. The phone is still doing its “dead as a dodo!” act. You want to cry .How could he have done this to you? How could he have left you in the lurch? He had promised you he would call and come over. You cannot take any more. You switch on the computer; go on Google and type in free online tarot readings. Perhaps those mechanized free online tarot readings will help you get through this glitch. Perhaps one of those weird mechanized free online tarot card readings will clear the air and even help you get some sleep.

You don’t give a frazzle if some people might think you are as “daft as a brush” as you type in free online tarot readings. You don’t care one jot about the logic of Newtonian physics either. In fact, you don’t “give a monkeys” about the laws of gravity, you want to stop all this angst and you want to stop it fast! In fact, you want to understand why this month your boyfriend has consistently left you “high and dry” or “grasping at straws” as your girlfriend Ethel says.

As you lay out before you the variant free online tarot readings alternatives, you decide to choose the one with the multi choice card packs and the multi choice card lay outs. Looks like fun. You type in your name, Jane Smith, and your question “will my boyfriend call?” You go for the Celtic Cross layout which is always guaranteed to give a clear answer. All the cards come out upside down, and the last one is the Tower. Now even a complete idiot knows what the Tower means. It means total disaster in your book anyway! You gulp, you splutter. You grab a bottle of creme de menthe, gulping it down madly. You then dig your teeth into that lump of old cheddar in the fridge. It tastes disgusting! Feeling sick, you grapple to find the key your flat mate hides in the bottom draw, so you do not get into her chocolate box. You are known to fall into “frenzied eat ins” when distressed. The chocolate box is empty. You mutter, “How can I go on? I got the blasted Tower what could be worse than that? The becausemos itself will come crashing down on my head, I am destined to misery!”

Perhaps you are unaware of it, but you have tuned into the “I have a problem” state of mind and you have tuned in to it so strongly that what you are thinking is actually “making things” happen! You are vibrating at such a high rate of distress; your aura is broadcasting “panic stations” out there into the ethers. Your state of consciousness has even reached East Hackney where your boyfriend is playing bridge, with his mates. He is losing money fast; he is also picking up your “disaster movie” vibes. “Gosh” he says to his guffawing mates, “I have to call my girl friend, but she is so possessive. I can feel her getting rattled right now. But why should I ring her, I need my space!” He is not being very nice, he never is. The ghastly fact is he is so unkind, you have checked into at least 25 free online tarot readings websites in the last two weeks! You know by heart which have the best mechanized layouts by now. You even talked to a psychic on one of those free online tarot readings offers. She told you to “drop the man!” You slammed the phone down on her, after calling her “an idiot”. But now it has to be faced, the cards have always been right. All those free online tarot readings lines have given you one basic message, “get a grip!”


Your Spirit Guide


Your Spirit guide is trying to get through to you now, you can feel it. You are getting those wacko shivers up and down your spine, you are seeing lights dancing on the ceiling and it ain’t swine flu! Your spirit guide seems to be “metaphysically” screeching at you. “Now look here Jane. Why don’t you take some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy? Why don’t you breathe deeply, and start to pray for peace? Why don’t you make space for yourself? Why don’t you try reprogramming all those negative thought forms and build positivity and optimism into your auric field?

For some unbeknown reason, you decide to follow your guide’s advice; even though it would be obvious to anyone you are delusional. . You have reached rock bottom, that’s what it is. But what else can you do? You start to breathe deeply and slowly. You start to consider how lucky you are. You are bright and very pretty and heads turn when you step into a room. You know how to make people laugh too. You start to descend into a meditative alpha state. You start to feel peaceful. You start to pray! You start to realize that actually those free online tarot readings have been telling you the truth all along. You don’t need your boyfriend to be happy. You start to feel better; perhaps your energy field is transforming into gold? Perhaps your spirit guide is sending you healing vibes from the 28th dimension? Perhaps this is your final opportunity to change your life? To test your new attitude, you give one of those free online tarot readings websites another, last go. This time, you are certain the Sun will be the final outcome. Everyone knows the Sun card means happiness. Your heart in your mouth you watch the mechanised computer lay out the cards! You were right, there it is the Sun at last. And yippee, it is in a final outcome position too!

Can your state of mind really condition some daft computerized free online tarot readings system, you wonder? Perhaps, hidden behind all those free online tarot readings websites there is a group of wise old sages, prompting people to understand that what they think creates their reality? The thought makes you chuckle. You are glad you did not eat any chocolates; you need to lose three pounds anyway!

The phone rings, you know it is him; you make yourself a cup of chamomile tea ignoring it, you go to bed. The phone rings and rings, but you are being carried off to the light fantastic by a very satisfied spirit guide and a team of optimistic angels!