Circle Of Clairvoyance

19185589circlepeopleCircle of Clairvoyance – based on a true story

Before she joined the Circle of Clairvoyance, Julie did not know that Clairvoyance meant, “Clear” and “voyance” was French for vision. She also didn’t know that her experience of “seeing” spirits around people was not that unheard of. She was only eighteen years old and such occurrences had been alien to her. Yet after a mild car accident she started seeing balls of light and streaks of energy, sometimes even faces around the heads of her friends, relatives and sometimes even people in street. What she had previously learnt about the “paranormal” was not that encouraging however. The “state” was generally unacceptable to the “powers that be” and mainstream science rejected it wholesale. Nobody had told Julie, until she joined the Circle of Clairvoyance of course, that in 2005 a survey had been done in the USA demonstrating that 25 percent of the general public believed in paranormal phenomena. If she would have known that then, she would have stood up to her best friend Irene who scoffed about her recent visions, “Gosh Julie, you are just delusional, it is all guesswork, and you just “think” you see spirits. Trust me, people have done loads of experiments, and Clairvoyance has never been proved.” Julie knew Homeopathy had not been proved either but had immense healing effects. Visions of life after death were also on the edge of most people’s belief systems, yet they had transformed many. Julie was confused. She started to research and found out that a famous American Clairvoyant and prophet called Edgar Cayce had never been doubtful of his gifts. He just accepted his visions of the future as a phenomenon that science was unable to measure as yet. Julie also read up about remote viewing and how verifiable it had been. Studies done in the USA showed that some psychics could see clear features of faraway places and foreign governments were using them to help military operations. Yet Julie also became aware of James Randi the professional sceptic who insisted that nothing paranormal would ever be proved. He had offered a huge sum of money to anyone who could demonstrate their psychic gifts and not withstanding two decades had passed nobody had come forward to claim the prize. Julie wondered whether the testing was too stringent. She also wondered if spirits and visions dissipated when Psychics were held under such stringent and stressful testing conditions. She had seen a television programme where sceptics had investigated a young Russian psychic who declared she could see “illness” within the human aura. The girl had managed to “see” the majority of sick patients placed before her by the sceptics but because she failed to detect the illness of a couple of them, the sceptics refused to recognize her powers. Julie wondered whether the sceptics themselves were conditioned by their beliefs and realized that if she told them about her experiences they would probably classify her as a fraud or simply deluded. But Julie was born under a special star after all. One day she trotted down to her local health food store to buy some herbal remedies and the lady who ran the shop was so kind, Julie opened up her heart and told her about how she would see strange faces and streaks of energy around people. She could not plan these visions; they just “happened!” she said. The lady in the health food shop told her the best bet would be to join Circle of Clairvoyance where she could learn to develop her gifts and get some support. She gave her the telephone number of a local Circle of Clairvoyance but Julie stressed about contacting them; she hoped they would not test her out. She was unsure of her gift and might mess up. But when Julie called the telephone number, the lady who ran the Circle of Clairvoyance was so helpful and kind she relaxed immediately. The lady said her name was Liz and that she had Clairaudience gifts which meant she could hear voices or the thoughts of those who had passed on. She said she had never told anyone about it either, for fear of derision. In fact, she had kept silent for nearly twenty years, until her beloved husband died and she heard his voice telling her she had to own her truth! “Like you, I felt afraid of being misjudged!” she said.

Julie joined the group, and took part in their meditations, she felt so free, so at one with herself as she relaxed into her visions. Slowly she started building up the courage to believe in herself. The Circle of Clairvoyance was supportive, and she had many laughs with the five who participated, a mixed bag of young and old, made up of four women and one handsome young man she felt immediately attracted to, and she sensed was her soul mate. Finally she could forget her initial misgivings. When the faces appeared Julie was able to describe them without fear of derision at last. She even “felt” their colours, “heard” their thoughts and realized they were just “beings” trying to give her messages that could unravel some of life’s mysteries. Julie is now an esteemed member of her local Circle of Clairvoyance. She has also started tuning into people and is happily deciphering the messages coming through. She is a good friend with Irene, who has come round to her ways, especially since Julie told her that she would pass her bar exam with a first. Julie had trusted what her Spirits had told her, and she had been right!