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23689967skyclockIf you are going through the same kind of summer as that North London family did way back in 1977, you could be forgiven for calling up an empath and asking for an in-depth free psychic chat on a daily basis! “Things that go bump in the night” might not be your idea of “home sweet home”, but if a ghost sat beside you and screeched “Boo!” as you poured out your morning cuppa, you would have come very near to knowing what the “Enfield haunting” felt like. The evidence was controversial at the time, as stated in a Channel Four Documentary about the case, but it was also very, very frightening.

Chests of drawers moved by themselves. Strange noises and banging’s, were the order of the day. The whole experience freaked out the single mum family. When a next door neighbour decided to investigate he also heard knocking on the walls and floors. Since he was a builder, he understood about noises in houses, but was scared by these sounds nonetheless, for they were not your rats, or the water pipes playing up by a long chalk!


Dickson of Dock Green


The police were called in. At first the kids were earmarked as pranksters. But when “Dickson of Dock Green” confirmed odd goings on also, things started to take a rather eyrie turn. Interviews of the day show a very pale, very young, female police officer describing how a chair had slid across the room all by itself. In fact, when the Daily Mirror inevitably got involved too, things got even worse. Objects started speeding around in the air, and even knocked a reporter on the head! The family were so traumatized they could not deal with the events at all or even sleep at night. Certainly, it was a shame the Internet did not exist in those days, the tormented family could have liaised with other victims of hauntings, or tuned into a free psychic chat to calm them down or trace a good ghost buster!

Would you call up an empath for a free psychic chat about strange goings on in your house, I mean really? Sometimes we see odd shadows behind curtains or in corners, and are not sure what they are, but we know they “creep us out!” Perhaps we sense something, or feel something touching us, buy only when a cup of tea moves towards the toast rack on its own accord do we start screaming. When we talk to our mates about our experiences they might “take the Mick”, so having a free psychic chat is not such a bad idea if we need a sympathetic ear. A free psychic chat can clear up some of the issues, in fact you could talk about virtually any “bump in the night” experience during a free psychic chat; the clairvoyant will not “bat an eyelid”. She might inform you that you have a Poltergeist in the house. She could ask you if things are disappearing and turning up somewhere else, or if there are strange smells. She might even conclude a prankster ghost has taken up residence in the kitchen – they are usually not too nasty but can be scary. During your free psychic chat, the psychic could enquire whether you have a spotty teenager playing heavy metal rock music, adolescent girls are known to create powerful energy fields and when ghostly activities begin they are often deemed responsible, especially at the onset of puberty.

In any event if you are feeling jumpy about going downstairs and getting a glass of water in the middle of the night, you could call up for a free psychic chat in the early hours, just to calm down your nerves. You would probably be told to get in touch with a ghost buster ASAP or the medium might define the names and personalities of invasive spirits hanging around your property. Sometimes an online psychic chat might “read” a family breakdown as being the cause of the upset, for a while it was thought to be the case in the Enfield haunting. However, in the Enfield case, the mystifying noises continued to frighten the family and before they knew it, even worse occurred.

Stuart Lamont

Stuart Lamont, a Mirror reporter, heard loud knocking sounds while interviewing the children. But when one of the children levitated and started speaking in a guttural male voice it might have looked like either there was faking involved, or “The Exorcist” had come to town! Interestingly, it was proved that an old man had actually died in that North London house and he was the one driving everyone to the creme de menthe. Our advice is don’t hang around when your bath mat slides across the tiles, or the kitchen chair levitates get on to that clairvoyant and have yourself a free psychic chat before you say “Jack Robinson”, things could get a lot easier if you do!