Are You Psychic

19157971questionfaceAre you psychic’ you might well wonder after you dreamt a plane fell out of the sky and then on the evening news a devastating air crash was reported in Central America? “Are you psychic?” is a question you will ask yourself again and again, especially if you see right through people’s guises and know when they are lying through their teeth! You will also ponder on that phrase “Are you Psychic?” when your boyfriend says “Jeeze Meryl “Are you psychic?” after you told him exactly what he was thinking about, and it weren’t you!

So “Are you psychic?” We mean really, are you? To find out, tick yes or no to these following questions.

– Did your teachers frequently use the word “erratic” on your school reports?

– Do strange or foreign words come into your head?

– Do you feel your girl/boyfriend’s soul energy during those “intimate” moments?

– Do you “see” things nobody else does?

If you can answer yes to just two of these “Are You Psychic Questions?” you probably have psychic tendencies.

So “Are you Psychic?” – If you realize you are, expect an exciting, stimulating life path ahead, and believe us when we say you could even morph into an angel!