Free Astrology



Wikipedia describes astrology as follows: “The core beliefs of astrology were prevalent in parts of the ancient world and are epitomized in the Hermetic maxim, “as above, so below”. Therefore, taking into consideration the aforementioned quote, it could be assumed that what reflects in the greater universe of the stars, also becomes singular to our personal experience.

Astrology Readings

Any astrologer who is available to give you a free astrology reading, will attempt to help you understand the “so above, so below” maxim symbolized in your chart, in other words the path your personality is treading, as compared to the path your High Self wishes you to tread! Your astrologer will be well read, having studied the astro in-depth, and acquired an exacting perception that enables a “getting down to brass tacks” vision of your life with all its issues. In fact all its issues will be analyzed with compassion, accuracy and humour. The astrologer will explore where the planetary configurations are leading you, and help you see when it is best to stand back and let things happen, or use your free will to change life direction, and they will be able to do this even during a free astrology reading. In fact, you will soon learn that you can actually utilize the stars like the ancient mariners did, to lead them home. But you will be lead to your inner home, that place within where you are utterly, completely yourself, free from social conditioning, life challenges, fears and doubts.

Any free astrology reading will strive to give you a general picture of where you and your soul are going, the free astrology reading in itself will not dig down into the depths of your conflicts, gifts and natural capacities like a mainstream astrology reading would!

A free astrology reading is a fascinating experience, no matter our mind set, no matter if we believe or disbelieve famous mainstream scientists such as Richard Dawkins who reject astrology as a pseudoscience. The fact remains; there is no doubt of ifs astounding accuracy, an accuracy that is not translatable in “status quo” terminology.

Famous Astrologers

There are many well known and highly esteemed astrologers to take note of these days. Russell Grant, Liz Green, Robert Hand to name but a few. But any good astrologer who is willing to undertake a free astrology reading will be more than familiar with the wonderful Linda Goodman, the author of Sun Signs and Love Signs.

Linda Goodman


Linda’s mesmeric capacity to expound on how the stars, numbers and the metaphysical affect the human condition made her one of the most popular and admired astrologers of the 20th century and helped her books become popular with astrologers and general public alike. This unusual human being left her “star struck” world in 1995, but her humanity and insight is still enjoyed by many astro fans to this day.

Perhaps Linda was so fascinated by the riddles of the universe and its symbolism, because she knew what human suffering was all about. She never got over the “disappearance” of her daughter Sally and bore the trauma of her reported death by suicide with astounding resilience. In fact, in her book “Love Signs” she reports how relationships, whether they be with our children, our lovers, our family or our friends shape, make or break our lives and how profoundly our varied Sun Signs inter-relate with each other.

Most astrologers who carry out free astrology readings, and wish to contribute to the good of all, are like Linda in that they believe the movements of the stars influence life on planet earth, changing destines, stimulating wars, determining peace, going deep into the psyche of humanity to affect significant and historic personal or social decisions.

A conscientious astrologer who offers a free astrology reading, will not only make you gasp at the wonders of the heavens, but the wonders of your own horoscope, in fact she or he will not feel a good job has been done until you understand that you are a unique gift to the world, for as your stars shine on to your human path in this life, it’s all “So above as below!”