Free Clairvoyant

19274062tunnellightWhy would a psychic decide to offer her “seeing” and “telling” gifts without remuneration? What would encourage a free clairvoyant reading in other words? Well, certainly the enigmatic and mysterious is very appealing to a psychic and he or she might be willing to offer a free clairvoyant assessment just to help unravel the unnerving paranormal phenomena occurring on, or around Lake Michigan in the US of A:

Such a free clairvoyant analysis might be useful because in the case of Lake Michigan, the event bears frightening similarities to the Bermuda Triangle, in that the area is the subject of ghost ship sightings, the dematerialisation of vessels and airplanes, and an above average ratio of UFO sightings.

Bill Wangemann a historian from Sheboygan, Wisconsin claims, “There’s been some strange disappearances out there, there’s been many ships that have been lost that haven’t been found.”

Weird Michigan

In her book “Weird Michigan” Linda S. Godfrey also tells us that over 30 planes have literally dematerialized over the lake. The most infamous was flight 2501 that took off from New York City in June of 1950 and for no apparent reason simply plunged into Lake Michigan.

UFO sightings over the lake have been numerous and apparently the American Federal Aviation Administration has created a directory of such sightings, even though there is an official denial of the facts, so what is new? The “forces that be” are notoriously clamped down on any paranormal event to do with air, lake or sea traffic. The Latest Paranormal News website however reports extensively on a particularly mysterious case.

“The wreck of the schooner Rosa Belle and the loss of 11 crew members and passengers, all members of the Benton Harbor cult House of David, shocked the nation in the fall of 1921. The wreck was discovered on Oct. 30, floating upside down by the Grand Trunk car ferry Ann Arbor No. 4. The captain of the ferry said it appeared as if the schooner had been in a collision with another vessel. But no other ship was found to have been in a collision that week. The raft section was smashed, the cabin was wrenched away from the deck and the ship’s rigging was floating loosely about the hull. The mystery of what happened to the Rosa Belle was never solved.

Strange too was the fact that there was a second almost identical wreck similar to the Rosa Belle. This vessel capsized in the same area and drifted ashore near Grand Haven, Michigan, in August, 1875. Ten crew members were lost. The wreck was recovered at that time and rebuilt.”

Ghost Planes

More recent reports include the following, again from the Paranormal News source and quoted from the Radar Ghost Planes Report of May 22nd 2000.

Air traffic controllers at the O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois have been seeing images of ghost planes” on their radar sets, usually in the skies of the Lake Michigan Triangle. The Triangle is an area of Lake Michigan which runs from Ludington, Michigan south to Benton Harbor, Mich. then across the lake to Manitowoc, Wisconsin and then back to Ludington.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, “False radar images have been popping up on the screens of O’Hare International Airport’s air traffic controllers, forcing pilots to take sudden turns unnecessarily.”

At least a dozen ‘ghost planes’ have been reported during the last few weeks, the newspaper said, citing documents from the Terminal Radar Approach Control Center in Elgin, Illinois (population 78,000).

Losing a loved one in such mysterious circumstances would be a horrific experience. So may be a psychic offering a free clairvoyant “tune in” to solve this type of enigma, would be a Godsend. Paranormal folk however perceive reality as multi dimensional and they might define the Bermuda and Lake Michigan Triangles as worm holes, or inter dimensional portals that connect one dimension to another, i.e. our earth to an alien universe, or an inter-galactic reality beyond our current perceptions or scientific analysis.

The fact remains that there are mysterious aspects to our world that few can understand except thorough New Science Quantum/String theories, or perhaps the input of a free clairvoyant reading. The creepy reality of Lake Michigan is something to ponder on in any event.