Crop Circles

1767971cropcircleReal or Fake?

Okay so who started it? Who began designing those intricate circles in fields of grain across the globe? Some say those stunning Mandala-shaped designs are created by human hands. Yet it is difficult to believe folks could come up with the more complex, geometric circles amongst them. In fact, some crop circles designs are so detailed; those who devised them would have to have to be up to date on high mathematics.

Colin Andrews and Crop Circles are “joined at the hip”. Certainly Colin is one of the more proficient and well-known investigators of this amazing phenomenon.

Colin is an electrical engineer by profession, yet his compulsion to research the origins of Crop Circles has been ongoing since 1983. He has become so well known in his field that he has appeared on television with Barbara Walters and Shirley Maclaine and has been interviewed on the Gloria Hunniford Show, CNN Live Today, the Learning Channel, and more.

He has gathered together a multitude of data, and has learnt to differentiate man-made Crop Circles from the more “unidentifiable” creations at the “the click of a switch”. Colin has also lectured on the phenomenon worldwide, presenting his theories to the U.N.S.R.C Human Interests Group at the United Nations and The Hakui Museum Project in Japan as well as international seminars all over this planet. Colin has inferred that Crop Circles are also linked to the expression of human consciousness. Even though he has never totally discarded the theory that ET’s are responsible for 20 percent of them, he also supports Quantum theory perceptions that “reality behaves according to the expectations of the spectator.”

Crop Circles and The British Government

Above and beyond the fascinating artwork intrinsic to each Crop Circle, it has come to Colin’s attention that the British Government has been showing exceptional interest in the phenomenon. Margaret Thatcher appointed members of her cabinet to dig deep into the Crop Circle phenomenon in 1990. The name of that project was “Operation Blackbird”, and it not only created a useful database, but also was sponsored by the BBC and Japanese Television. In an article written by Michael E. Salla, PhD, he states “Colin Andrews maintained that the UK government has covered up the extent of official and Royal family interest in the Crop Circle phenomenon. There were also efforts to suppress any investigation into a connection between UFOs and Crop Circles.” and. “. Andrews showed photos of a UFO ‘orb’ in the vicinity of a crop circle that was monitored by two military helicopters and revealed how the helicopters tried to intimidate Crop Circle researchers to leave the vicinity and stop filming what was happening.”

Whether we pay lip service to these claims or not, it cannot be denied that Crop Circles are an amazing expression of “something” we cannot ignore. Of course we can choose to believe that some individuals want to “tease” the general public and their governments and are laughing at us behind our backs (theories that Crop Circles are created by the military with satellite laser beams has also been presented). But the truth is there are far too many Crop Circles out there right now, and they are manifesting more and more, in fact some of them have never even been seen by the public.

The fact is if just one Crop Circle was created by “unexplained phenomena” it would prove that there is more mystery “out there” than we are privy to. Perhaps when it comes to Crop Circles, we should pay attention to that well-known phrase “The truth will set you free!”