Best Psychics

19053621fortuneballWe will frequently resort to consulting the best psychics around when we are faced with romantic turmoil. When the pain of unrequited love is too much to bear we look for guidance. At times like these, the best psychics are the ones to tell us how we can disengage from our “star crossed lover” destiny.


Psychics and Love

When love goes wrong, maybe the best psychics will tell us, “it could be worse honey!” On hearing those words we might feel comforted, may be because the most sensitive and best psychics help us realise we are not the only ones with a romantic hang up! In fact, the very best psychics will not only cultivate a direct line to Spirit, to help us, but have enough insight to decipher why we continue to wait around for a married man. Those gifted best psychics might divulge it is all due to past live or simply that we are playing into unresolved childhood issues!

The very best psychics thrive on their excellent reputations. They are more than aware that thwarted love is attractive to the human soul. It drives us to the heights of ecstasy and the depths of despair. So the very best psychics, such as those recruited by reputable media companies will guide us through the pain of being attracted to a secret love, a conflicted love or even a love that will never work out.

Saudi Arabian Princess Misha


Of course, many folks caught up in romantic challenge do not have access to the mysteries of the metaphysical. Therefore the best psychics might not be able to help them connect to the truth of their situation via the Internet. But even the metaphysically gifted could not have stopped the unlucky Saudi Arabian Princess Misha from making a terrible mistake! Misha had refused to submit to her parent’s choice of a husband old enough to be her father. Instead, she fell in love and secretly married a commoner! In order to escape the wrath of her family, Misha faked death by drowning and then disguised herself as a man by cutting her hair short and wearing Saudi male robes. She escaped with friends on to an airplane but was stopped and arrested. The terrible outcome was that her own grandfather shot her and her young husband was beheaded. The sensitivity of some of the best psychics available could not have helped Misha. In a way she chose her only destiny. Free will is a prime factor in human life and therefore psychics can only guide you, never decide for you.

Psychics will often tell us that the one we lost, the one that we have to fight “tooth and nail” for will always take a special place in our hearts. Perhaps because empaths have such a deep understanding of the human soul and know the wonder of love helps us rise above the mediocrity of everyday life. In fact, when we are faced with challenge, a romance can take on a magical “kudos” of its own. It will become an “epic” love story that gives our life significance. The magic gift of the best psychics, therefore, the ones whose hearts are open to human suffering, will always support us, and encourage us to believe in the immense power of love, a love that resides within the recesses of the human heart.

The fact is we feel bitter sweet when we fall in love, but when the object of our adoration is a married man, or woman, when we yearn for a lost love everyday and cannot be with them, that love seems even more precious. Even if psychologists can explain why our Eros always wants what it cannot have, nothing can stop the human heart yearning for eternal fulfilment. That yearning opens us out to our own souls, helps us access the inner secrets of our mystery. Now the romantics and even the best psychics might say “what could be more awesome than that?”