Psychic Games

24243169magiccardsWhen it comes to psychic games, we could nominate one that might have you reaching for the creme de menthe. Why? Well, because amongst the various psychic games available to us today, the Illuminati Card Game “might” prove the most astounding when it comes to the predictive capacities of its creator, Mr. Steve Jackson.

The Illuminati Card Game

The Illuminati Card game is considered one of the more disturbing psychic games. Why? Well, according to conspiracy theorists the Illuminati, are a conglomeration of worldwide secret societies, or the shadowy “power” that controls international affairs through banks, governments and large corporations. The Illuminati Conspiracy Theory is referred to when it comes to the creation of a New World Order (NWO). In fact, David Icke states that the Illuminati will create international disaster scenarios until the establishment of this order. But we ask, when Jackson decided to create the card game in the nineteen nineties, was he totally unaware he was opening a can of worms?

Mr. Steve Jackson

After doing his research on Secret Societies Jackson began to build into the structure of his game. “The players take the role of societies that struggle to take over the world”. Jackson cited the Bavarian Illuminati, The UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle and The Gnomes of Zurich amongst the many societies the player utilises to advance his game. “Wacko?”, perhaps. But the fact is Jackson’s OTT “psychic game of all psychic games” became notorious because two of the cards making up the pack include graphic depictions of attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon! Even more surprising, the Illuminati Card Game was created in 1990!

There are three possible theories as to why the creation of these “9/11 events” in such pictorial detail occurred; a) the power of the intuitive to foretell the future b) the power of creative thought, in that what we think is what we create, or c).Jackson was a US secret government insider who blew the whistle on secret information at his finger tips.

David Icke

David Icke, the “mother of all conspiracy theorists” would not be in the least surprised by these” types” of psychic games. He would say they sustain his theory of “shadow manipulation” by world governments, or simply put, the dark side of the “powers that be” operating every destructive man made event that occurs on this planet.


But another theory behind “this game of all psychic games” might be that Mr. Jackson was aware of the variant possibilities of disaster. By utilizing his creative imagination and drawing on generalized anxiety regarding human survival, he intuited the 9/11 events through his metaphysical abilities. In fact, Mr. Steve Jackson could have sat down at his drawing board and thought up every possible scenario leading to a destructive future and played into our worst fears to sell his game, after all we all love horror movies! However, Mr. Jackson could just be a visionary, a gifted man who created this astounding “psychic game of all psychic games “, because he wanted to wake us up to the importance of social vigilance and self awareness.

Other theories abound around psychic games too, and they positive ones. The main theory expounded in the hit book and film “The Secret” is that positive thought creates a beautiful reality, and that we can hold back world destruction as we evolve intuitive and healing capacities. In fact, notwithstanding the challenges, we are evolving our “enlightened mind” no matter what! We are living in exciting and surprising times, where we could evolve into the next phase of human history. Our theory is that we must never let fear hold us back!

Perhaps the Illuminati Game has come to show us that the human race can create both the good and the bad with creative imagination. So folks, let’s start thinking positive!