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Doris had heard some bad news. She was waiting to take the plane home and as she sat in the airport lounge, holding back the tears, an older man came to sit next to her and for some reason she unburdened her heart to him. He was sweet, gentle, so kind and it was obvious he had no bad intentions. After she had told him everything on her mind, the man got up and left with a loving smile and as he did, she thought she saw a bright light around his head. She immediately felt better and she knew everything was going to be alright and it was.

When you go for a free online psychic chat you instinctively sense you might be able to unburden your problem. As you take up that free online psychic chat you hope you might even ease your heart and soul” After all, that special free online psychic chat is not going to last forever, and you also know it is time to get all that heartache off your chest,

Your mate might have encouraged you to “let it all hang out” and suggested you to go for that special free on line psychic chat in the first place. But have you ever considered that your own spiritual awareness could also help you out in difficult situations? That there are wonderful ways of connecting to that mystical force within, a force that gifts solutions and helps resolve the hardest of challenges?


We all know that meditation, prayer and self enquiry can help an individual grow in awareness. Many of you are becoming more and more aware of the play out of spiritual matters in your life, and the lives of those around you. Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Russell Crowe, Gwyneth Paltrow are all soul searchers, choosing their unique path and following it assiduously. You have probably heard of Reiki, Martial Arts, meditation, hands on healing, which are popular and well thought of these days. But have you also heard of the Great White Brotherhood, referred to as “an enlightened community of adepts, with benevolent aims toward the spiritual development of the human race?”

The Great White Brotherhood is not just your usual bunch of “do gooders”, or a secret society, whose inner circle practices incantations behind closed doors; instead it acts within the material world, yet is not of it. The Brotherhood knows angels join forces with ordinary human beings whenever they cultivate a deep love for humanity and do their best for the world. In other words, The Great White Brotherhood has everything to do with tolerance. People from all backgrounds, religious belief systems, races and social strata form part of it. It has to do with looking out for others, it has to do with helping those who suffer to overcome challenges.




Many who subscribe to its philosophy work behind the scenes. In fact the reader who carries out you free online psychic chat might be a member of the Great White Brotherhood. And surprise, surprise also the philosophical taxi driver, the cheery nurse, the charming hairdresser, in other words people who have a good word to say, a joke to share. People who will pick up your mood, get you out of a jam, who will not bother about your class, the colour of your skin, how much money you have in the bank or your belief system.

You do not have to make a formal decision to become a member of the Great White Brotherhood. What you can do is just start living kindly, with compassion, seeking to understand some metaphysical life principles, and of course adhere to the laws of loving kindness. You could be a member of the Great White Brotherhood and operate incognito; in fact probably be like the psychic who is carrying out your free online psychic chat, the psychic who will not say a word about her allegiance to the brotherhood. Most people with pure hearts quietly contribute behind the scenes, knowing that the good in the world far outweighs the bad. So as you dial that number, or log in to enjoy that free online psychic chat, realize you never really know who you are talking to, it might just be an angel!