Spiritual Reading

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Native American Navajo belief systems consider life as “One” and to be happy we need to be in harmony with the universal forces within it. As we seek that harmony, the Navajo believes we learn to be at peace with each other and the natural world around us. The fact is, when we request a spiritual reading, we often feel lost and confused, unwell and emotionally bereft. So perhaps like the Navajo we seek balance and a connection to the Divine.

Tony Redhouse

Tony Redhouse a Native American Healer, says” I see people opening up more and more to the spiritual aspects of life.” Tony Redhouse loves to communicate his native heritage through teaching, books and music. In an interview with CMN he stated that we all need to express the “ups and downs” of life through our personal style. For example, the Navajo Indian likes to wear feathers, beads and multicoloured clothes to express emotional states or a state of mind a shirt or dress with a blue background could indicate a quest for personal freedom as blue represents the sky, the ocean and large expanses of space, where we are not cluttered or confined. In fact, the unique expression of any individual is valuable to the empath when we undertake a spiritual reading. A reader will help us understand how important it is to connect to our souls and to appreciate all human experiences, whether good or bad. The aim of any spiritual reading will be to inspire our life path in other words. Our strengths and weaknesses are equally sacred to the reader, who respects “diversity”. A spiritual reading can identify our individual strengths, help us overcome imbalances and learn self respect as we define the life force not only within us, but within others.

The Navajo Tribe

Many readers offering a spiritual reading will practice some aspects of Native American belief systems. They like the style. They love to return to a heritage that respects all living things. They know that before the American Indian culture was destroyed by white people tribes had cultivated a magical, high level belief system, which became much maligned. Tony Roadhouse tells us how his father always maintained the traditions of the Navajo tribe within his family and how he had inherited a need to help others rediscover their own life mission. Tony Redhouse says every belief system resonates in the atmosphere around us and we need to learn to grab hold of what we need when we are creating a specific life purpose, in other words to trust that Spirit can manifest what we ask for. He says, “life is like walking through an apple orchard. When we are hungry all we need do is to reach out and grab an apple. In this way we find our direction, as we realise everything can become available to us!”

Tony Redhouse is currently working with cocaine and heroin addicts. He says that the sharing of unconditional love is the only lesson he wants to teach and learn. As he encounters emotionally wounded people, he remembers his own past addictions, which he sees as learning experiences. He helps souls heal with drumming and mask making, in this way people return to their primal selves and overcome extreme inner obstacles with courage, experimentation and ritual. Ritual drumming can open us to deeper levels of our souls. In fact American Indian culture uses three ancient forms of sacred expression for healing, the voice, the drums and the flute.

Often spiritual readings will be practised by empaths who are keen drummers, using rhythmic beat to connect to Spirit and merge with the heart of the client. “Our heartbeat” Tony Redhouse says “is the very beginning, it is what we first heard and felt when we were in our mother’s womb. The heartbeat reminds of a comforting safe place to be and in this safe place we can indeed heal our lives.”

When we participate in a spiritual reading, the aim of the empath will be to help us return to who we truly are, to rediscover the magic of our own lives, to cut through our difficulties with pure love, wisdom and peaceful thoughts. A spiritual reading is to reassure us, to help us realize we are one with all life and that when we open the door to the divine worlds, we can access what we desire. When we learn to lose negative self judgment and relinquish our fears, we see the healing begin! So next time you ask for a spiritual reading be prepared to change once and for all!