24247473graveyardmediumAre mediums really like Allison Dubois in the hit television show “Medium”? The kind of show that infers the supernatural is alive and well! Do all mediums dream of murder scenes, criminals and psychos in scenarios pertaining to the past, present and future?

Well mediums are indeed rare; locating them is not exactly like finding a needle in a haystack, but almost. Companies who employ online psychics, empaths and mediums, are aware their gifts are extraordinary, but they will still try to ensure their own mediums have singular capacities. Mediums’ work is special, because it eases the pain of loss and proves life exists in many dimensions, including the metaphysical.

TV Show Medium

In the show Medium, Patricia Arquette does a fine job of interpreting Allison Dubois, whose superb metaphysical skills floored the Arizona police force, for whom she now works. Allison speaks to the soul of killers who haunt their crime scenes, or the spirits of victims who are lost in pain. Patricia has an ongoing connection with Allison Dubois herself, she consults her on episodes and asks for her points of view to resolve issues surfacing in the series. Allison is a handsome woman from Phoenix, Arizona, USA and a strong-willed mother of three. She has been connecting to those on the other side, as well as forecasting future events since she was a child. However, she made such an impression on the Arizona Police Force after “seeing” facts around a murder case in Texas that she started working for the DA’s office. The series Medium is about her life, and has attracted up to 16.13 million viewers, assisting the reputation of mediums and helping the general public understand their gift.

James Van Praagh is also a medium but he is not into resolving murder cases. He believes that the veil between life and death is infinitesimal. James has written many books about how he has connected to those who have passed into the light. One such book is Talking to Heaven. He clearly defines the difference between psychics and mediums, clarifying that mediums commune with the other dimensions, or the “afterlife” as well as those who inhabit it, whereas psychics see beyond into past present and future and do not channel the souls of the “dead” unless in exceptional cases. Like most genuine mediums his skills emerged when he was just two years old.

Rosemary Altea

Powerful mediums cannot fail to be surrounded by controversy. Rosemary Altea has sat in the “hot seat” on many an occasion, even standing up to James Randi, creator of the Sceptics Society. Randi is a man who refuses to acknowledge any aspect of the metaphysical. Rosemary was born in England and heard voices from an early age. She blocked her gifts because her mother disliked them but after suffering personal loss as a young woman, she began to nurture them. Rosemary would explain to her public that one cannot guarantee a connection to someone who has passed on. There is a divine plan working through the creation that decides, not us. This accounts for the delusion people feel when they go to mediums and the one they “loved and lost” does not come through. Another individual could go to the same medium and receive a clear channelling because it is “supposed to be”. These are the strange ways of the universe, and they cannot be explained with our logical minds.

Mediums are often basic folk, with a powerful inner core, and an amazing strength of will that stands up to the derision sceptics pour upon their heads. Mediums of good intent will always explain to those who come to see them that a clear communication is not always guaranteed. However, when a connection to a soul takes place and is spot on, it can change a perception of reality forever.

More and more children are coming into this world with awesome paranormal capacities. Some are called Indigo or Crystal children. The fact is, these wonderful gifts are increasing and even though sceptics continue to pile ridicule upon the heads of mediums, theirs is an eternal gift that can be life transforming!