Free Love Horoscope

30320962roseheartsHave you ever thought that your love life is controlled by becausemic forces that you were destined to meet “Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome” that moonlit night, may be because it was “Written in the Stars?” But when Mr. Handsome makes a speedy exit and that darned destiny lets you down yet again, broken, in tears, your heart split in two, you wonder “what it this all about? You think, “perhaps if I write to an agony aunt it might help me a bit”, but you decide to give up on that “idea” when you alight on an amazing free love horoscope at the hairdressers, and believe it or not, it says that this year you are dreadfully unlucky in love. Gosh how right they are!

No doubt about it, affairs of the heart can weigh heavily upon us all, often sending the most logical around the bend, at the very least turning life a “darker shade of grey”. So it is not that strange to see normally level headed guys and gals rushing out to buy an astrology magazine when the lover walks out in a huff and says they have found another. Amazingly, we often are surprised to discover that the back page free love horoscope is more than spot on.

You think to yourself “perhaps a free love horoscope laid out by a bona fide astrologer on line, might be a gas?” What have you got to loose, especially since you have picked up on a free love horoscope offer All you did was type in your date of birth, and “hey presto!” a back room astrologer made every effort to explain various aspects of your love nature within days. They even looked at karmic influences, and childhood problems that they said held back emotional fulfilment. You were surprised that a free love horoscope could actually outline why you were always so darned “unlucky in love” and even go into a bit of relevant detail.

Time passes, you have licked your wounds, dusted yourself down. Yet, it is not long before you realize how powerful that free love horoscope actually was. You take it out of your drawer and reread it over and over again, amazed at the outcome. The free love horoscope had told you Venus, the planet of love, would be on your side. Surprisingly, you had gotten a call from that Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome a week ago, and he had begged forgiveness and asked whether he could return to you. The free love horoscope had also said you would have to make a big decision, and you did! You decided not to get back into that mean old relationship again, but continue down a new love path. You would never have thought such a thing possible a year ago, especially when Mt Tall Dark and Handsome had cruelly turned his back on you, leaving you floundering on some far off shore. But the free love horoscope put you back on track, it had been but a page long, but had sussed out the circumstances, even helped you look at your love life with a wonderful new attitude. Long Live that Free Love Horoscope, you have found yourself at last, and now you will never swear at the Planet of Love, again!