Clairvoyant Mediums

80694012poltegeistLyn (Leonard) Buchanan could be classified as a member of the Clairvoyant Mediums fraternity he has been plagued all his life by “psychokinetic” events, i.e. poltergeist phenomena, with objects moving around in his presence. But his “talent” was noticed by the US army and he was asked to join their Remote Viewing programme – the rest is history.

Clairvoyant Mediums and the U.S Government

Would it surprise you to learn that clairvoyant mediums are also called “remote viewers” and have taken part in top secret activities sponsored by the US Government for years? In fact, Clairvoyant mediums have been involved in the US Military’s interest in paranormal activity since the seventies. The US Army has actually used clairvoyant mediums, or “remote viewers” in projects that would seem “science fiction” from our point of view. For example, in 1980 a top secret project called “Grill Flame” was using clairvoyant mediums to assist with spying operations. Project “Grill Flame” also cooperated with clairvoyant mediums in a spreadsheet of paranormal phenomena. Clairvoyant mediums are known to have played a fundamental part in military teaching programmes, spying and long distance viewing regarding threats to US security.

General Albert Stubblebine, former head of U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command (INSCOM) 1981 – 1984. signed classified documents and held numerous “spoon-bending” workshops. The training, testing and utilization of clairvoyant mediums in various programmes created by Senator Claiborne Pell were also of prime importance to US security. Pell was Washington’s largest contributor to psychic research. During the eighties he not only introduced a bill but obtained government funding for the National Committee on Human Resources (Al Gore was also a co-sponsor)” Pell was additionally on the advisory board of the International Association of Near-Death Studies.

Lyn Buchanan

Ireland’s Paul O Connor was lucky enough to organize an interview with Lyn Buchanan, the aforementioned “psychic Spy”. Lyn’s clairvoyant powers were considered so powerful the commander of U.S. Intelligence and Security Command wanted him to destroy enemy computer systems! But the funding never came through for that particular project. Lyn told Paul O Connor that a project called “Stargate” trained military personnel and remote viewers, (clairvoyant mediums) in a “skill that enables a person to access information about objects, persons or events at any location in time or space.” Lyn claims remote viewing “is a science on how to connect the conscious and subconscious minds and is used for espionage purposes because the subconscious mind seems to know what’s going on around the world. The subconscious mind also knows things beyond the normal six senses, and the seventh sense of ‘ambience’. Once you can access the subconscious mind, you have access to all that information.

The applications of remote viewing are varied. It was developed to train soldiers so they would have an intelligence advantage over the enemy. They had planned to send the soldiers back to their various units so they could tell their commanders what’s over the hill and where to point the guns and what’s coming tomorrow, etc. We used it strategically to know what, for example, Saddam Hussein was going to do and we passed information up the chain of command. The man never stood a chance.

When Paul asked Lyn, “When or how was the project developed?” Lyn replied, “The CIA originally funded the research because they found out the Russians had psychic spies, and the psychic spies that Russia had were extremely good at getting our classified information”. Sounds like Star Wars? Well, after becoming privy to Lyn Buchanan’s statement, one might wonder whether the discovery of Saddam hiding in a hole in the ground might not be so surprising after all. In fact, it could have had something to do with the Clairvoyant mediums or “remote viewers” in action.

Why has Osama bin Laden not been found if the success rates of such “metaphysical programmes” have been authenticated by the US Army? We also need to ask ourselves why, if Lyn Buchanan’s claims are true, can soldiers be trained to use psychic potential and not some members of the general public? At this point, the clairvoyant mediums amongst us might want to teach humanity how to evolve creative thought, healing powers and long distance “viewing” to avoid natural catastrophes’. Certainly, the current cynicism towards the paranormal from organisations like the Sceptics Society, and individuals like James Randi may be reassessed, as these organisations need to get “up to date” with the success of the US Army’s secret paranormal activities and psychic spying programmes. .