Psychic Radio

16270710radioPsychic broadcasts

Psychic radio is a fact. Psychic broadcasts help us understand how the forces of destiny play out in their lives. But psychic radio can also be something intriguing, like an understanding of what happens during a metaphysical awakening. You see, psychic radio has various stations, which we can tune into through our own experience of inner awakening.

The God Broadcast

God is the highest aspect of Divinity and His enlightenment predicts a change for the positive. To know God energy is to understand compassion, kindness and pure love and to perceive the spiritual truths He communicates. His perfection is also contained within His duality and the manifestation of both light and dark. The psychic who broadcasts on the God station will be a comforter, an initiator and a wise teacher.

The Goddess Broadcast

The Goddess broadcasts about the magic contained within all things. She teaches us how to be joyful, how to love others with the devotion of a caring mother, how to respect the beauty of nature, how to bring hope to the world and flow more easily within the truths of life, including the mysteries of birth and death. The psychic who broadcasts on the Goddess Station will define the divine gifts we possess.

The Life after Death Broadcast

The Life after Death broadcast proves that the human body is mortal but the soul is infinite and can never be annihilated. It will sustain the realities of ancient teachings, and memories of past lives. The psychic who broadcasts on this wave length will recall your life purpose and help you connect to the spirits of loved ones who have passed on.

The Love Broadcast

The Love Broadcast is one of great blessings. The psychic on this frequency will send out unconditional love to you, whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever you do and without judgment. They will lift up your life, and guide you to accept that love in whatever form it comes, without trying to shape or define it.

The Prophecy Broadcast

The Psychic who broadcasts on the prophecy wave band will know that popes come and go, kings rise and fall, but humanity’s destiny is to awaken in spiritual awareness and be reborn again and again. This broadcast will prophesize the coming of masters and catastrophes and yet also great tidings of joy, evolution, progress and healing. The prophecy psychic teaches us how to stand up to any illusions that hold us prisoner, or blocked within suffering.

So you see psychic radio is far more than meets the eye. It touches the heart! We start to understand all the blessings in our lives, and the miraculous aspects of reality. We can choose to listen to it or not, but if we do, we will be guided to an understanding of the magic of our souls!