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A free psychic reading is a gift, and if you find an empath willing to go into the “ins and outs” of your life without asking for a fee, it is usually because they are a) taking part in a media company’s promotional activity or b) the free psychic reading is a contribution, done from a place of helping others find answers to their personal problems but on some occasions a free psychic reading is given simply to inform on metaphysical world affairs as we progress towards 2012. Psychics have a rather diverse perception of the news than we do, so a free psychic reading could leave us gasping!


We will explain. Recently, an individual, we will call him Charles, decided on a free psychic reading. Charles asked about 2012 he was rather worried about the situation at hand. “It is plain to see that the world is in crisis,” he said “so rather than getting a free psychic reading on personal issues, I have decided to go for a more universal approach.” The reply Charles received would indeed leave him reeling.



The free psychic reading was carried out by a medium who informed Charles that the world was indeed going to end and undergo a huge shift in awareness in 2012. As she carried out the free psychic reading she also informed Charles of the existence of a Spirit Guide called Bashar, currently being channelled in the USA. The Spirit Bashar was acquiring a huge following: She told Charles that the free psychic reading would include quotes from Bashar, because he was so unequivocal about 2012. This is what the psychic told Charles, in Bashar’s words.

The threshold that we must all pass through, called 2012 is going to be of positive momentum. The way we will experience this transition is up to us however. There are an infinite number of parallel realities all going on simultaneously right now. Therefore, it is not that we change the world we are in; we change ourselves to match our particular reality. Those who do not vibrate on our same frequency band will no longer appear in our reality. Everyone we disagree with, or have turbulence with, will no longer be in our lives.

Charles thought “so if we love someone, we need to make sure we heal any dissonance in the relationship before 2012 otherwise we might not see them again!”

Bashar continued, “We know right now we are connecting to people that are experiencing realities very different from ours. These people will phase out of our life and remain in the reality where their frequency is more appropriate.

Ask yourself what kind of relationship you want to have with this world, how do you want to experience life, who do you want to be? That is exactly what you will experience in 2012! If you are positive you will experience great bliss. But it will be your choice; the only error will be your error. If you are negative you will experience intense difficulty. You could be standing right next to an individual who perceives the 2012 transformation as very scary; you will not experience what they are experiencing. You will not be touched by them even as their world falls apart

The empath doing the free psychic reading proceeded to inform Charles that how we think, perceive reality and evolve consciousness is of the utmost importance right now. Negative thought will not pass through the 2012 threshold. Every perverted perception and dark action will have no space to exist in 2012. So those who continue to compete, kill, create war scenarios and selfishly use and abuse others will virtually disappear from view and remain in a dark reality where their own thoughts create a continuum of pain and suffering. “This could be the destruction so many prophets and the Mayans talk about”, Charles thought.

Negative actions will become unacceptable to an evolving world, the empath doing the free psychic reading said. “It is time to let go of who we think we need to be, let go of old ideas that do not work. Let go of the things that are not ours. Let go of all negativity. This is a process we must go through if we want to live joyfully and overcome the challenge of 2012!

Bashar’s quotes left Charles stunned, and with a lot to think about. He realized that he had held many negative thoughts about people throughout his life, he realised that he had caused suffering and had experienced a great deal of pain as a result. He also realized that he would have to work hard to “clean up his act”. But all said and done he was glad he had gone for that free psychic reading, it had helped him clarify 2012 and helped him realize there was no more place for evil in whatever form it presented itself. “This was a free psychic reading that changed my life”, Charles said with a puzzled smile! He was convinced that what was said was the truth. We, however, rest our case!