Psychic Groups

88633944groupmeditationPsychic groups frequently gather together to gain more spiritual insight, upgrade their talents and perhaps communicate distant healing. Many psychic groups are made up of sensitive people with a broad based view of the status quo. In other words, they do not follow mainstream analyses of reality, for they realize that there are multifaceted, metaphysical forces working through life itself and many of them might not be acknowledged.

Group Meditation

Psychic groups often meditate amongst themselves, some vouch for the fact that their astral bodies can reach a person in need. Travelling across the ethers seems a natural process to them. Some psychic groups go one step further, they believe that we will all be able to speed across time one day and participate in interstellar travel. For psychics, the prospect of connecting to different constellations and creating a wormhole, or gateway, through which we can voyage through time, is more than a distinct possibility and could have happened already. This aforementioned gateway is called a Stargate.


The original Stargate harks back to an ancient painting of a circular doorway to the universe, associated with Egyptian hieroglyphics and primeval symbols that depict the star system Sirius, which the ancient Egyptians revered. The Stargate was deemed a portal, which once passed, enabled the voyager to connect to other dimensions and multifaceted realities. Nowadays, this Stargate is viewed by some as strictly “science fiction” as per the television series. But others believe that a Stargate actually does exist and that there is a cover up to prevent us from knowing about it!

Before you reach for your crme to menthe, we consider it safe to say that the wonders of the universe are immeasurable. Would a 13th century king have ever believed one could fly through the air, walk on the moon or talk to another through a receiver at long distances? If he were a visionary, may be, but otherwise we expect he would have frowned upon such perceptions as mere fantasies.

Quantum Physicists

But the fact is quantum physicists are currently studying possibilities of space/time travel. CERN, in Switzerland, is the Earth’s largest physics lab with a huge particle accelerator complex, using electric fields to propel atomic particles at super high speeds.


CERN was quoted to have said “Some theories suggest that, beyond the three spatial dimensions we experience, our Universe has some extra dimensions. These have finite size, so they are curved onto themselves, for instance in the shape of a circle (although, for more than one extra dimension, more complicated geometries are possible). CERN scientists have also visited crop circles and a CERN spokesman suggested that “these complicated geometries (of the crop circles) are required to describe a multi-dimensional reality.”

To consider that the general public might be being “kept out of the loop” when it comes to advanced scientific breakthroughs might not be that unreasonable. Clearly, a minority within the scientific communities are making top secret, mind boggling discoveries, perhaps one of them could be the existence of a Stargate.

So even if psychic groups might be unable to access a physical Stargate at this point in time, sensing the existence of one in the ethers might not be so impossible after all. The Stargate, also described as a mighty wormhole in space, could be the first answer to time travel! Something to think about certainly!