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The Paranormal News recently reported a rather bizarre project that was undertaken by a high school student Frederick Thornton in the States. “Frederick decided to investigate if any ghosts lived in the high school!” Tayleigh Davis reported for WALB NBC News that “Fredrick Thornton brought along classmates and teachers to stay at the high school overnight from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. to see what they could discover.”

I want to find some ghosts, something, anything, Thornton said.

Ghost hunters

Ghost hunters are rife these days, off they trot to assess whether a house is haunted with an array of high tech instruments such as super X ray camcorders, but one thing is looking for a ghost, another one is finding one! At the sight a real phantom many of us might reach for the creme de menthe or scream “Ahhhhhhhh” down the blower at an empath carrying out a psychic reading by phone. The empath who has the privilege of downloading many a psychic reading by phone is probably well versed in all matters “spooky”. In fact many professional mediums and clairvoyants have had their own significant experiences with a ghost. But they are not the only ones. Celebrities such as Sting and Mick Jagger have also bumped into the odd spook. Perhaps if there had been a clairvoyant on tap for a psychic reading by phone when Winston Churchill saw the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the Whitehouse one of the greatest politicians in history might have had a chance to chat about his angst. But, on second thoughts Winston was a tough old statesman and probably took it all in his stride.

Violet Tweedale

As far as the occult is concerned, the old style medium Violet Tweedale might not have been into doing a psychic reading by phone – in those days such opportunities did not exist – but she did write a book about her metaphysical adventures entitled “Ghosts I have seen and Other Psychic Experiences”. According to the blurb on the book cover, Violet’s epistle is “A collection of writings of the author’s personal experience with psychic phenomena beginning when she was only six years old. She writes of strange visitants from other realms and of that vivid illumination which at moments lays bare the hidden springs of life, when the spirit emerges beyond the limit of human thought and familiar things, beyond the horizon of life, and touches a sphere beyond immortality. She believes these experiences point to the continuity of the human consciousness with a wider spiritual environment, from which the normal man is shut off.”

In fact when you go for that psychic reading by phone and enquire what to do about the ghost you saw lurking down the corridor, the psychic will certainly empathise with you, know how to calm you down and could probably even send the phantom on its merry way with a few powerful prayers.

A psychic reading by phone is a very convenient way of overcoming most spiritual hiccups. You saw an UFO in your back garden, a gnome in the woods, your best friend’s aura and an angel in your bathroom, whatever the issue, whatever the problem a psychic reading by phone could serve as a secure light house in times of metaphysical need.

Returning to our American high school student, perhaps Frederick might have actually discovered that there was a ghost haunting his high school class room, if he did, we bet it “shivered his timbers” and he was on the case, dialling an empath for a psychic reading by phone before you could scream “where’s the creme de menthe?”