Psychic Lines

24254529witchWhen we contact psychic lines for some sort of “prophecy” regarding our future, we tend to forget the origin of our empath’s magical craft. Many of us believe divination goes back to the Middle Ages and our modern day psychic lines spring from a “burning of witches” culture. We might even know all about tarot art and those Medieval, or Renaissance perceptions of the metaphysical. But do we know that witchy ladies and predictions began in Palaeolithic times when the ancient Etruscans settled in Italy 3000 years prior to the birth of Christ?

Etruscan Life

Some say the Etruscans hail from Asia. Their culture was founded on supernatural rituals. Their captivating statues of gods with enigmatic smiles continue to enchant us. But to understand how they lived, imagine primeval, dark forests, wild stretches of mountainous terrain descending to the ocean, and exquisite temples erected to the dead and the Divine. Imagine delightful maidens, the magical Sybille, both soothsayers and prophets, dancing under the moon their bodies painted with strange, coloured symbols. The Sybille summoned ancient planetary forces, wild, instinctive energies that purified the soul. They entered into ecstatic symbiosis with the intensity of nature as they listened to the sounds of rivers, ocean waves, wind, and fire. They deciphered the future according to messages from these elements. Their minds, totally right brain orientated, synchronized with a non linear version of reality. They connected to their type of psychic lines, but those “lines” resided within the centre of the universe and the core of the earth.

The Gods

The names of their Gods were enchanting. For example, Nortia, the Goddess of Fertility, Thalna, the Goddess of child birth, Nethuns the God of Water, Some elements of their divination techniques were similar to modern day astrology. The Sybille took into consideration the rising and setting of the sun, the power of the four directions, east, west, north south. They foretold the future where lightening struck, where thunder clashed, in the shapes of the clouds, according to the position of stars or the way the waves crashed to the shore. They would assess the shape of an animal liver and would wave their tridents in mystical geometric movements to bring in positive energies.

When we connect to modern day psychic lines, we could try acknowledging that once primordial, yet magical humanity. Even with the advent of high tech, we cannot eradicate the miracles and mystery of nature, for it is our heritage. The ancient Etruscans worshipped their Gods and Goddesses hidden in the mountains, the rivers, the hills, the ocean, the winds and fire. They lived for hundreds of years in happy symbiosis with the divine, until they were conquered by the Romans. Their psychic lines, lines of connection to the infinite, were unfathomable, mysterious and merged with the multifaceted nature of the universe. Perhaps if we could connect to those Etruscan psychic lines once more, we might protect our beautiful planet earth from degeneration and destruction.