Astrological Love

30320950heartEver heard of astrological love? The kind of love that has to do with the perfect sun sign pairing? Astrological love is usually about two people falling “hook line and sinker” because their birth charts mix and match perfectly. Seems impossible, but it is indeed a frequent occurrence.

Astrological Compatability

Aries and Leo are likely to be overcome by passion since they are both fiery, generous and self absorbed. But pair off an Aries with a Cancer and you have a case of a “no no” astrological love story. Imagine an edgy, bad tempered crab, walking backwards across the sands, desperately trying to escape that enthusiastic, over heated and charging ram. This relationship could drive both parties to the psychiatrist.

Let us look at more “win or lose” cases of astrological love. Take the flirty Gemini, blinking eyelashes at their perfect mate, which will probably be a delightfully balanced Libra. Actually, their air signs dance the light fantastic in the higher echelons of spiritual perception together. Gemini’s wonderful ideas, coupled with Libra’s balanced know-how on all things wise and wonderful and above all balanced, could mean a lifelong soul mate alliance. But ask a Gemini to get serious with a Scorpio and you will have the usually self assured Scorpio frothing at the mouth and getting into jealous rages about Gemini’s partying, multiple personalities and a “caste of thousands” clamouring for that original Gemini attention. His “Who are you calling on your mobile this time?” might have our Gemini dancing the fox trot out the door before you can scream, “Twin Flames!”

More astrological “love me or love me not” cases could be between “the born to be free” Sagittarius with the adorable Aquarius. What a perfect connection! They are both liberty loving spirits, Aquarius’ sometimes detached reaction to love is definitely stirred to hot passion by the OTT shenanigans of the wildly sensual Saggy. They like to go on long exotic journeys together too; Bhutan or Papa New Guinea would be on their list of perfect honeymoon venues. But stick our fun loving Saggy with a hard headed Capricorn and something will give and it will probably be Saggy’s temper and clumsy ways, which include constantly tripping over Cappy’s finely shod feet. In such cases, our shoe-loving Cappy will proceed to limp out the door, usually slamming it.

Even more astrological love mish mashes could be classified by the stunning soul mate relationship that occurs between Scorpio and Pisces. Think Cathy and Heathcliffe, Romeo and Juliet, Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, tragic love stories to some degree, but nobody could say these types of couples do not rock. As Linda Goodman the famed astrologer said about Scorpio and Pisces “these two will tune into each other’s minds like a couple of short wave radio sets on the Eternal Now frequency!” But stick a Scorpio man with a Leo and you will see the earth shake, in a negative, 9.5 on the Richter style-type earthquake, especially when Scorpio is mad. A Leo believing they can “coax”a Scorpio out of a mood like they do with most of their other suitors is sheer lunacy. Scorpio is stronger than Leo, meaner than Leo, and more street wise than Leo. His mystical passion includes swinging off chandeliers in wild, off the wall, sensuality, so Leo’s more conservative take on intimacy could get him riled. As Linda Goodman so wisely states in her book Love Signs, “When a Scorpio is mad, a Scorpio is mad!!”

Last but not least when it comes to astrological love and the devoted Virgo, no “fly by nights” could be his or her motto. Virgo and Capricorn would do very well picking stylish invitations for their white wedding with the 300 guests or organising their fabulous honeymoon breakfast at Claridges. As the good Linda says “here you will see four solid feet planted on the ground instead of two!” They stand up for each other, wind up their grandfather clocks together, wear the same colour bed socks and snuggle under their patchwork quilts with great aplomb. They have the same views on money, bringing up little Johnny and the devotion of dogs to their masters. But get that Virgo together with an Aries and you will see total chaos. What does Aries care about details? What does Aries care about “keeping the books” What does Aries care about punctuality? When Aries gets one of their weekly emotional “flare ups” you will see Virgo ostentatiously buying a pair of fur earplugs and silently humming the theme song from Titanic – we seem to remember that particular ship went down!

So as you can see astrological love blows “hot and cold” like most things in life. Of course the above is not totally without variation, a lot depends on moon placements, ascendants etc. But remember next time you fall in love, getting an astrological love chart done might be a good idea!