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Fear Of The Occult

Some of us prefer not to opt for tarot as a channel to future predictions, even if it is a free online tarot reading. We are afraid of the “occult,” worried about getting into something “over our heads”. So no matter how tempting a free online tarot reading offer might be, we prefer to give it a miss. Perhaps we decide it is scary to look into the future!


Readings nowadays, whether a free on line tarot reading or not, have changed their “take” to days gone by. The cards are interpreted with an in-depth, sensitive approach, and we are given wise advice, helped to avoid mistakes, doom and gloom attitudes or even a tendency to make “mountains out of mole hills!” Most psychics are very aware of the challenges of diverse occult paths, and will have pledged to Spirit, and organizations like the White Brotherhood for upbeat metaphysical attitudes. However, during the 18th century “magical matters’ might not have been quite so “transparent” or “illumined” as they are today.



Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin the “Mad Monk” and Russian “mystic” would have definitely been “given his cards” by any reputable astro company, especially if he had kept up his unruly behaviour during a free online tarot reading. Mr R. some say, was responsible for the fall of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their only son Tsarevich Alexei during the Russian Revolution. He was certainly not the kind of chap we would have invited to tea and crumpets, or tried to marry our daughter off to. The more nervously inclined would have decided to give a free online tarot reading a definite miss if it had been with Rasputin, (even if computers had existed in those days).

Rasputin’s power over the Russian throne was initially due to Alexei, the Tsar’s only son who suffered from haemophilia, the “bleeding disease” – very common amongst Europe’s aristocracy in those days Alexandra the Tsaritsa was desperate about her beautiful and delicate boy. After begging for help from various specialists, who she believed did nothing to relieve Alexei’s condition, she heard of Rasputin, nicknamed unsurprisingly the “mad monk”.

Don’t let the doctors bother him too much; let him rest Rasputin advised the Tsaritsa initially and so declaring unleashed Alexei’s internal healing powers, relieving his life threatening condition immediately. It was somewhat logical that Rasputin would soon have a mesmeric influence over the Tsar and his family, since in Tsaritsa Alexandra’s opinion he had saved her son’s life. However his popularity instigated much wrath and jealousy from the aristocracy, as well as the church, especially since Rasputin had announced “salvation depended less on the clergy and more on the Spirit within humanity.”

Rasputin was looked down on as a scoundrel and to some extent he was one, rumours of his “excesses” with “loose women!” “Food” and “alcohol” are well documented, and if internet had existed in those days he probably would have had a lousy reputation, he certainly would have been just far too scary to go all “metaphysical” and “free online tarot reading” with! Rasputin was to become even closer to Tsarevich Alexandra, comforting her worries for her beloved son, but this influence would be used against him by those who wanted to “weaken the integrity of the Tsar and his absolute political power”. Rasputin liked to boast of his luxurious lifestyle and the Tsaritsa Alexandra’s adoration of him. Nobody likes a “know it all!” obviously. An attempt to murder him went drastically wrong when a rum bunch of fellows stuck a knife in his guts and screamed they had killed the “Antichrist”. He survived and another murder attempt was organized. He was eventually poisoned with cakes and wine soaked in cyanide. It appeared he stood up to that poisoning too and had to be shot in the back three times to finish him off.

Rasputin would go down in history as a “hot” holy man with addictive behaviour. Again picking him as someone to do your free online tarot reading would not have been a wise choice. Certainly, he would not have been allowed near a client by a reputed tarot, or astrology site, if they had existed back then that is. But one cannot deny his mesmeric charm, and healing abilities. Be comforted, it is very unlikely you will bump into a Rasputin “Look-alike” if you request a free online tarot card reading. Times have changed! You will be guided, healed and sustained – not a trace of “cloaks and daggers” anywhere in fact.

Rasputin would not have been given a license to chaos in this day and age; he would have probably ended up digging snow in Siberia if modern Russia had had anything to do with it! Rest assured you can go for a free on line tarot reading and all will be well!