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If a clairvoyant were to look into the “comings and goings” of Manisha Koirala, the Bollywood actress, they would see her spending time at the “Oneness University” in Andhra Pradesh, India, seeking her spiritual core. Manisha first found out about the Oneness University from a Danish film maker and was immediately interested, probably because she has always concentrated her personal energies on a spiritual quest. She said, “All my life I’ve been a seeker. I’ve been trying to find inner peace through travel and books. The Oneness Course solved all my questions on life and existence.” Courses at the Oneness University have also fascinated Scottish actor Gerard Butler who sought help from Manisha. He wanted to preserve his knowledge of spiritual healing. Demi Moore, Richard Gere and Uma Thurman have all been attracted too, most probably because of their profound spiritual natures. The Oneness University with its offers of enlightenment, would quite naturally have intrigued them.

But if a clairvoyant were to look into the Oneness University more fully, what would they see, would they have “picked up” rather diverse aspects to the ones Manisha and Gerard were to become aware of? Clairvoyant readings can perceive “spiritual illusion”, if they are carried out by an enlightened reader. In fact, to be an insightful clairvoyant one would not only nurture the “gift” with self awareness, but walk down an authentic spiritual path. Yet even so, once a clairvoyant has made her assessment of a situation, she would have to stand back as a client chooses their life style and what spiritual matters interest them. We all have a unique destiny, after all and self will is a sacred human right. But can that self will be overly “influenced”, and could “The Oneness University”, or the “Deeksha Movement” as it is also called, have other aspects to it?

Timothy Conway


According to Timothy Conway, PhD, who was personally involved with “Oneness” for a long time, it is the fastest growing spiritual movement in the world today, but also a “gigantic scam” based on corrupt greed and empty promises by its heads, Bhagavan and Amma,” Timothy says of them “they have fed off a human need”, perhaps humanity’s need to understand the mysteries of life and the future of this planet. Bhagvan, the undisputed leader of the movement, was formerly known as Vijaykuma Naidu. He was from a middle class background and certainly possessed charismatic gifts from his youth. Bhagvan picked up most of his teachings from the spiritually enlightened greats such as. Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Krishnamurti, who have done so much good for the world. Yet Bhagvan and his wife Amma, claim to transfer highly enlightened awareness through the “Deeksha process”, whereby an incumbent channels energies using a technique somewhat similar to Reiki, as hands are placed on the receiver’s head and the universal energy flows through them, reportedly balancing and aligning the energy field and personal life purpose.


Bhagvan is considered by many to be “illumined”, and as Timothy says has a huge following, not only in Hollywood but all over the world. Many agree that he is a wonderful man, in totally good faith, notwithstanding the high prices of the Oneness University courses. But many others have also become aware of disturbances after a Deeksha experience, disturbances that his followers say is a “purification process.” They point out that when a high vibrational energy enters our magnetic field, many of the inner blockages that emerge can cause energetic imbalances that make us feel “out of sorts” or “wobbly”. Yet an enlightened clairvoyant might also point out that a harmonious system of healing does not necessarily need to cause such suffering to an individual.

Certainly the “Oneness University” is building up a controversial reputation, but perhaps humanity needs that “controversy” to evolve and develop higher levels of consciousness. A very sensitive clairvoyant would probably be able to gauge the quality of the energy emanating out of the Oneness University, and would tell you about it once they had assessed it, but when it comes to choosing Deeksha as your personal spiritual path, the ball is definitely in your court! For only you can decide where the “Force” can take you!