Tarot Card Readings Free

16452068stirlingTarot Card Reading – The Experience

Tarot card readings free can be a fun experience! You just dive into your computer, surf the web, identify what type of free readings are available and then are happy to partake of a tarot card readings free programme that looks particularly enticing. Of course you realise that somehow you will only get a few of the answers you seek, whether it be via a computer reading, or adhesion to some company promoting its psychics. In fact, you know in your “heart of hearts” that tarot card readings free is a pot luck method to obtain the feedback you seek, but it is fine if you want to go for a fast, synthetic approach to a problem.

But the question to ask is are tarot card readings free as good a deal as the paid readings one can obtain on line, at fair grounds or in private studio environments? Well mechanized readings are repeatable, so we can do them over and over again. If the answers we get are not the ones we seek, we just press the button and “Hey Presto!” the genie pops out of the bottle and it is good news instead of bad! But short cut, tarot card readings free although fun and sometimes “sort of” enlightening might help us realise that that we really need input from a human being. One of the questions we might ask ourselves too, is what can a psychic tells us that tarot card readings free cannot?

Well, a psychic is able to help us due to her commitment to Spirit and the use of God-given “gifts”. She is also dedicated to self awareness and spiritual development. She or he might use varied methods to heighten that special frequency. She or he could meditate, practice yoga or go for one of the latest methods in auric cleansing which could be the use of Sacred Geometry.

Okay, you say, “pull the other one; I am going back to tarot card readings free right now!” But it is clear that Scared Geometry is a very powerful system that enables an intense heightening of the spiritual senses.

Cory Herter

A certain Cory Herter claims to have experienced more than 300 near death experiences due to a traffic accident. His astral body kept returning to the scene of the accident and repeating it over and over again. In that state he received information from “out of world entities”, or “beings” and downloaded what they told him into convoluted modules made up of geometric shapes and stunning colours.

The “beings” had guided him to a repertoire of healing formulae that balances the body and helps it recoup from physical or mental distress. Many have reported amazing effects as a result of using Cory’s modules. He calls these designs Sacred G, referring of course to Sacred Geometry. There is the Simulator, for example a geometric star-shaped format that helps the manifesting process, or the Ascender, that integrates energy into the physical body. His most highly acclaimed design is called the Sacred G Fusion, which amalgamates all other geometric modules into one and is said not only to heal the body, and psyche, but accentuate clairvoyant gifts in an individual.

Now we are not saying that all empaths who read for their clients utilize Cory’s Sacred Geometry, but many are into the new metaphysical technology that is taking the world by storm. They might use basic crystals, Tibetan bells or tuning forks to heal or send positive energy waves to their clients, but they could also include Tachyon energy systems, or the Sacred G, to remain centred and cleanse energy glitches. Of course such empaths might consider tarot card readings for free fun, but unlikely to give a client a substantial soul reading, or an in-depth analysis that could change their path in life or help them understand the shape of future events.

Use of The Tarot

The fact is many of us use tarot card readings free on a daily basis, just to tune into how the next five minutes will go, certainly we do not expect tarot card readings free to deliver the kind of connection a medium could give us if we are seeking to access a “passed on” loved one or we are trying to understand why our lives get all tangled up with love problems over and over again. For these sorts of problems we need feedback, input, and a conversation.

Mediums, healers, empaths and psychics have a mission, which is to help others and in that process keep their auras and inner selves as clear and as pure as possible; this, so that they can continue to sustain others in their moments of crises. So of course from their point of view tarot card readings free, although a delightful exercise in the short term, might not fulfil a client’s need for clarity and depth in the long term.