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Sometimes we want a quick answer to a problem, so we turn to the text psychic and chat to them through our mobiles or perhaps online. As we do so, we step through the portal of our own doubts and fears. We even go beyond the archetype of the gypsy with the bandana at the psychic fair. It can feel so wonderful to just let rip to someone who does not know us, and will never meet us. The text psychic is useful in that she answers any question, not matter how brief. But she could also talk in depth to us about our fear of the dark, or the way our mother in law makes our life such a misery. She could also suggest that if we allow the light of love to take away worry and start meditating to ease the challenges, we might realize we are a being of love, a being that has come to this earth to help others, to sustain others and to draw the soul mate we are seeking into our lives.

The trouble is, many a text psychic would also tell us we are afraid of loving another. We might have not got over the emotional trauma of childhood, or we cannot feel, or do not allow ourselves to feel, profoundly. The text psychic might advise us that just being surprised at those relationships continually going wrong is not really conducive to making them work. Perhaps the text psychic will say it is time to forgive the hurts of the past and move on, move on from stale relationships that hold up our evolution and prevent us from enjoying the true essence of who we are.


Many of us are seeking; any text psychic will tell you that. We are seeking for that special situation, that special person outside of ourselves. The text psychic might tell us that the answer lies within. For example, if we allowed ourselves to get to know our Higher Self, we might be content just living on a beach, with dolphins for friends! The trouble is we desire so much, we insist that we have the best without realizing that pounds shillings and pence mean nothing if we cannot open up to love. Money brings security yes, but certainly not inner happiness. The text psychic might tell us that if we share the love in our hearts with others, if we reach out to help someone who is suffering, or needs our support, we will bring such fulfilment into our lives that living on this planet might be akin to living in heaven.


Love is the wish any psychic or healer wants to see fulfilled for us. Whether she is a fairground psychic, or a tarot reader, she has taken a vow to evolve her consciousness, open her heart and work for others’ happiness. This is her mission. And a text psychic will attempt to fulfil that mission as she tells you if you truly, deeply wish for love in your life, you will forgive all those who have wronged you. Put it like this, if any part of your being is taken up with resentment and anger, you will block out the good energies trying to reach out to you.

So when a psychic gives us an answer we do not quite understand, we need to take a couple of deep breaths, close our eyes, put our hands over our hearts and focus on the truth that resides within and we can be certain that magical solutions will just keep on appearing, solutions that could take away our worries almost in an instant. All it needs is a little faith any text psychic could tell you that.