Reading Tarot Cards

34864355reaperMany of us are interested in reading tarot cards. We are fascinated by their symbology and metaphysical significance, and we look to them to resolve or at the very least explain, some of life’s difficulties. Therefore, reading tarot cards is not just a process of laying out cards, but accessing another world, a world of spiritual meaning.

Near Death Experiences

But can reading tarot cards explain the mysteries of life and death? Can reading tarot cards help us talk to the spirits of those who have passed on? Can reading tarot cards guide us to even more evolved perceptions of spirituality such as understanding a Near Death Experience?

What is a Near Death Experience and how can we understand it? Well, Dr Kenneth Ring is the co founder of the International Federation for Near Death Studies and he has written a book entitled “Lessons from the Light” which explains the Near Death Experience in depth. However, he has also clarified the phenomena in some of his online interviews.

He states, “The NDE is an experience that many report on the verge of death. The person feels a tremendous sense of peace and well being, a sense of seeing the body from an elevated position and then moving through a tunnel at increasing speed. They whirl through to a radiantly beautiful light where they are flooded with a sense of universal knowledge, and complete absolute unconditional love. They might meet a deceased loved one or an angel that then tells them to return to their life on earth!”

The amazing truth is that NDE experience has been reported by thousands of people worldwide and many who have had NDE experiences transform their very existence. They become more loving, more compassionate, more courageous less materialistic, less intent on impressing others. Above all they become more spiritual. Many seem to develop unusual psychic gifts, which are both profound and lifelong. They could even start reading tarot cards themselves, or become healers and spiritual counsellors.

But returning to reading tarot cards and analyzing a NDE with the Tarot. Well the Major Arcane Death Card symbolizes transformation and re-evaluation in very profound terms. It means a perceived loss of physical identity, incorporating radical life changes and could encourage becausemic consciousness as a result. In other words the Death Card depicts the human soul detaching from the “concept” of the physical as an ultimate reality and moves us on, into higher states of consciousness in metaphysical terms. In more prosaic readings, the Death Card signifies a life shift or transformation!

Another card that could describe a NDE experience is the major Arcane, The Sun which predicts illumination, enlightenment, happiness. When reading tarot cards for someone who has experienced an NDE, the Sun and Death Arcane could come up together. As mentioned, the Death Card is loss of one’s physical identity and the Sun symbolises illumination, a light-filled state of consciousness where angels and a God Force exist beyond the fear of dying. Reading tarot cards for a person who has had a Near Death Experience could show up a number of powerful Arcane cards dealing with expansiveness, illumination and above all joy at the realization that life continues after death.

So when reading tarot cards regarding a NDE, one must be aware that even the dreaded Death Card can be a key to positive change and a letting go of the superfluous, or the illusions of life. Reading tarot cards can open a door to the infinite, therefore a psychic consultation could become a wondrous “happening” of increased self knowledge and expanded perceptions.