Phone A Psychic

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We all have moments where life makes us feel so confused we feel the compulsion to “phone a psychic”. But would we phone Sylvia Browne who became infamous for making an inaccurate prediction regarding a kidnapping case on US TV in front of millions? That mistake was to become controversial, even though it was probable Sylvia took on that sensitive reading for the wrong motives, namely publicity. Sylvia stated to the parents that their kidnapped child had been murdered and those poor people had to go through atrocious suffering to overcome the shock, only to find out weeks later that their son was alive and well! Sylvia Browne lost her reputation. But this case does not mean all psychics are unable to see accurately, or help us with challenges. But when we do “phone a psychic” we might need to be aware that psychics working for a reputable company will tell us if they not picking up, and will decline to continue the reading. This is usually a hard and fast rule that avoids experiences like the one with the Sylvia Browne.


However when we do decide to phone a psychic looking for advice reasonable expectations are recommended of course we want proof of authenticity so for example, when a psychic “sees” we like drinking cocoa for breakfast, or daffodils are our favourite flower it does prove her capabilities and makes us feel safe. These “odd” types of insights by the way are due to the “mechanics” of a reading. A psychic will feel a strong energy that “descends” when she has tuned into a client effectively. In that case, the psychic is “given” perceptions from Spirit. You see, there is a higher power, a third force that might not inform us of the whole picture because we are not totally ready for it. In these cases a becausemic law is in action and that law is called “free will” and id the mainstay our lives. We have come to this planet to learn and 70 percent of what happens to us is our responsibility. In fact, even if good old Destiny hands out the perks, how we develop through them and build our wisdom as a consequence of them is up to us.

Another misunderstanding is that psychics see “everything”. When we phone a psychic they perceive what our lives are about, but as we said there are off limit zones to do with Soul evolution. If we knew everything, there would be no challenge and we would not strive to understand ourselves or others. What an empath can do when you “phone a psychic” is help you to gain understanding of your personal choices, your personality patterns, and give you insight as to how the future can evolve. The psychic will predict the life trends Spirit makes available to her and evaluate your energy field in that process. She can tell you what visions she sees or hears and even though they might not apply to your life currently, you can be virtually certain that they will pertain to the past, or connect to your future.

Various Types of Psychic Readings

If you decide to phone a psychic she will sometimes use tarot cards to guide your way, or a pendulum. She could delve into the Chinese Book of Oracles called I Ching; whatever she does you can be sure she will advise you with love and insight. She is not All-Seeing, she can sometimes make mistakes but her overall assessment of your future will depend on your energy connection. Spirit’s intervention and assistance will always be present of course.

True Story

Joanna had a psychic reading a couple of years ago. The psychic told her she would leave the country to live in France but that she would return to England suddenly. Joanna thought little of what the psychic said. She had entirely forgotten the prediction even when she moved to Paris. But she met a wonderful Englishman there, and they fell in love, it felt like a “bolt from the blue!” Even though her boyfriend had a very well paid job they both decided to return to England and get married all of a sudden. Only when she was walking up the aisle did Joanna remember the psychic’s words.

So when you decide to phone a psychic, take a deep breath and concentrate on your question. Ask with an open heart and pray that Spirit will guide your psychic for the good of all concerned. Remember that every reading is a three way process between you, the psychic and Spirit, or the God Force. That is the mystery of prediction, it can be unpredictable, but when it does spring forth from a kind heart and a pure soul it is inevitably correct.