Astrology Psychic

16455415sphereLooks like your life has come up against a brick wall, nothing seems to be working. You know you need to “face the music”, but you are not quite sure how. Romance has been shambles for years, and you wonder how you can ever hum a different tune? The tears have fallen, the promises have been broken, your heart is frozen, it’s all over! You must pick yourself up after your lover let you down. You have been thinking about getting a reading for a long time now, ever since your girlfriend told you about that “astrology/psychic” phenomena “thingy” she had experienced with an excellent reader online. You have always been into astrology but the astrology/psychic combination does not convince you, not quite yet anyway. But your girlfriend says, “Why not honey, what have you got to lose? You have always done it “your way” and where has it got you? Why not look into why your heart has been broken so many times, surely enough is enough? So you think, perhaps an “astrology/psychic” mix match could help you find a new way?”

So you take her advice and start trawling the net for that special astrology/psychic-type reading. Perhaps an empath who knows something about the stars can really help you, and fit the last pieces into the puzzle. You have always been attracted to “the heavens” anyway; you always stared up at the stars, even as a kid, so you decide that astrology/psychic vibe might not be such a bad idea after all. Indeed, an astrology/psychic type perception might guide you to understanding why your heart is so darned broken. You know astrology is a metaphysical science, you have heard about how all those planets sort of rotate around a date of birth, and how there can be profound symbolic significances to every one of them. You also know astrology is a guide to understanding destiny, and since you believe “the fates” have let you down badly, and you hardly trust life anymore, getting that astrology psychic reading for some new input might be a good solution.

You talk to Samantha, advertised as a great astrology/psychic phenomenon. She calms you down immediately, makes you feel less baffled about the process and says she will look at your birth chart. As she chats away, she mixes psychic perceptions with bottom line planetary wisdom. Her “take” includes your ascendant, and the variant “house” placements. She explains your sun sign in a “sort of big picture mode”, tells you where your moon floats in the heavens, helps you “get” the significance of complex astro placements as well as your “afflictions” “harmonious aspects”, “grand trines”, “angles”, etc. She reflects the synergy of your life situations right back at you, including those deep, dark patterns you hide from yourself, and why your appalling romantic choices are nothing other than the karmic lessons you have to learn. She also explains that no astrology chart is “written in stone” but by accepting the challenges you soften them, smooth them out as it were and save yourself from the most grisly of situations, transformed, she says “as if metal to gold!”

Samantha’s astrology psychic gifts unravel the issues, help you understand sad memories held you back all this time and that you had never moved on from a first love, that you had become imprisoned in emotional fear. You had hardly opened your mouth during the reading, Samantha just “saw you” in the stars, “felt you” in her soul. She said it was you who would not let true love happen! It was really nothing to do with “Fate”; it was the way your mind had frozen into loneliness, fear and need. She said there was nothing to it, you would experience true love the moment you let go of your fear. At first this simple truth was hard to grasp, you wanted to cry. Your heart had become so fragile, you had distanced yourself from love for so long. Now you know that somehow you can carry on, that your Destiny is not locked into eternity. You can move on to true love! You really can! And perhaps even do it “your way” in the process.